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The serif font looks much nicer than Notion’s. This feels like writing authoritative content. Between the subtitle, the author byline, and this font - it looks just a tad more professional.

No goals. Only habits.

Thinking again about how to get things done in 2022, and then started thinking about why I feel it’s important to think about that. Remembered reading Atomic Habits and then found this vide that summarized it. Take a look
I was all set to start planning out 2022 goals and then Atomic Habits was a reminder to screw goals and look at process. A reminder to enjoy what you’re doing, focus on doing the right things, make it enjoyable, make it part of your identity and then the “goals” or outcomes will take care of themselves.
Deciding if I or Karen should drive back to Washington with Rachel and Zola. I don’t mind making the drive other than it impacts business and getting work done. However: in the long run two days off work won’t make a bit of difference but making a road trip with Rachel and Zola could be a good memory.
I can’t believe how time slips away in regard to projects. When working on the upgrade of FF to Rails 6, I see branches from almost a year ago on that effort. Need to stop making such long-running efforts.

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