SUA Course Catalog: Editing Tips

Log in to SUA catalog system at using your Soka email address and Catalog password (Note: this password is not the same as your Soka network password).
Don't remember your password? Recover access and reset password here:
Enter your soka email address and click submit and you will receive an email link to create a new password.
Editing Courses
From the courses index page () find course you want to edit or update. Click on title of course to edit.

From course detail page, click edit:
Untitled 1.png
Make edits in fields that need adjusting. Describe changes in Revision log message to make note of edits that have been made, making it easier for other editors to track changes.
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Save changes by clicking the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

Untitled 3.png
Save in Draft until you have completed your edits. When you have completed your edits and (if necessary gotten final approval from your department head, director or supervisor), change the drop down above the Save button to Ready for Review and click the Save button.
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Adding a Class
Click the Content link in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Untitled 5.png
Click Add content button
Untitled 6.png
Click Class
Untitled 7.png
Fill in Class information. Including a Program field related to your Concentration or Program is necessary to give you edit access to the course after you save the page. (If you don't know the program name or accidentally leave it blank, contact the web team to help)
Untitled 8.png
For prerequisites, you are able to either type in the information or use the automatic links to the courses in the online catalog.
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When you have completed your final edits, switch the save dropdown to Ready for Review and click the Save button.
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Want to print your doc?
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