Our Company

What we do
The world is full of apps with features built for a million users in mind.
We help design, build, and scale MVPs starting with the first 100 users in mind.

Who our Small Teams are best for
Founders that want to find product market fit quickly.

Executives that want to build rapid MVPs without distracting their internal teams.
Product teams that want to build a feature MVP to test and iterate on before internal consideration.

Marketing teams that want to build out scalable marketing products and tools.

Recent Work
We help others go from zero to one as soon as possible.
For Product or Marketing Teams
Colab by Georgian (Bubble)

Teal HQ Member Portal (Bubble)

Roadpass Website (Webflow)

Section Cut (Webflow)

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Mochary Method (Bubble)

For Founders
Green Room (Bubble)
Techstars Music Founder

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Switchboard (Bubble)

Search Page (Wallet Connected).png
Based - NFT Marketplace

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Templates for Thinking (Bubble)

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Visual (Bubble)

Our Client Process
Ideation & Scoping
1 to 2 weeks
UI & UX Design
2 weeks
4 to 8 weeks

Ready to join us?
Reach out to our co-founder, Joe, with some links to your recent work that relates to what you would love to do with us.
Joe Brown

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