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Keeping Memories Alive Through Bust Statues

The sculpture of the upper part of the body is usually known as a bust statue or a bust. The busts were used by Romans and Greeks to honor the dead family members (of aristocrats) and ensure that the future generations knew of their ancestors.
of Gods, Goddesses, leaders, dead family members, warriors, etc., were made and proudly displayed at homes, on the streets, in royal halls, and other important places. It wasn’t long before busts of living as well as the dead were commissioned. Busts were prized possessions and were a symbol of wealth for the rich.
Over the centuries, busts became famous as more and more people began to get them made. A bust can be made using several materials like marble, bronze, concrete, fine concrete, and fiberglass in the modern-day world.
The copy of sculpted by Jean Antoine Houdon, a French neoclassical sculptor, is a public artwork and a limited edition copy of the original. It is located at the Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis.
The by Thomas Dow Jones, an American sculptor, and medalist, is also located in the same statehouse. This one is also a copy of the original clay bust created in 1861.
Though busts are still used to honor famous men and women, they are certainly not limited to a section of society. The concept of busts remains the same. Many people order bust statues of their dear ones to keep their memory alive.
Customized bust are common in today’s world. Families order busts of their beloved ones who have recently passed away as a way to cherish them forever. As sculptors, we know the importance of creating busts that resemble a person not just in features but also in mannerisms.
At Statues, we understand the importance of bringing forth the person’s character and highlight it in the bust. One look at it should bring a sense of peace to the loved ones as they think back to the days of the past. Contact for a free quote.
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