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Famous World War Memorials Statues That Show the War History

Memorial statues reveal a lot about the world wars. From iconic Marine Corps War memorials to The Motherland called iconic memorial structures, hundreds of recognizable statues have been created that help you examine world war history.
In this blog, I’ll show some of the famous world war Bust statues that allow us to recall history.

The Motherland Calls

Motherland is the most appreciated in Russia. It is twice the height of the Christ the Redeemer but slightly shorter than The Statue of Liberty. This is probably the largest statue of the woman in the world. It commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad in Russia. It was beautifully sculpted by Nikolai Nikitin, who was a structural engineer.

Memorial of Women of World War II

This is the best British Nation War memorial statue which is located in Whitehall, London. The Monument to the Women of World War II was dedicated by Baroness Boothroyd and sculpted by John. W. Mills. Moreover, the letterings present on the side of the statue show the typeface of the wartime.
You will see seventeen different clothing items present on the sculpture that symbolizes hundreds of jobs for women during the war.

Polish Forces War Memorial

The Polish Forces War Memorial or the National Memorial Arboretum is also present in England near Staffordshire. This comprises 150 acres of woodland dedicated to the women and fallen service members from World War I and the war conflict of the 20th century.
Before its re-creation, there were various memorial statues dedicated to the Poles who lost their lives during the world war. The inspiration for the monuments came from the four bronze-painted toy soldiers glued together and dedicated to the four branches of the Polish Armed Forces: The Army, the Air Force, Polish Underground Home Army, and Navy.
Marine Corps War Memorial
Marine Corps War Memorial statues are one of the iconic statues of World War II. This is present at the entrance of the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, into Arlington Ridge Park, Virginia. The Marine Corps War Memorial statue was constructed after the end of World War II. This statue was dedicated to the Corps of the United States, who died during the United States' defence.
Six servicemen in the statue raised the larger replacement U.S flag on February 23, 1945, when the battle of Iwo Jima was held.

USS Arizona Memorial

This iconic Bust statue was located in Hawaii, Honolulu. This statue marks the Marines, 177 sailors resting lace who are perishing abroad during the attack on Pearl Harbor. USS Arizona memorial statue was made in 1962; more than two million people visit this statue. This status was declared are the National Historic Landmark by the government on May 5, 1989. The aerial view of the memorial statue is stunning.


Bust and memorial statues always remind of the historical moments held in the past times. These are some of the famous world war monuments present in the world. Till now, a lot of visitors have visited these beautifully sculpted statues from all over the world. is a renowned company that creates memorial statues. You can also get I touch with them for amazing bust statues.

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