Pluggdin: Your Second Brain (Powered by AI)

A personal growth assistant for prosumers.

Meet Taylor, a dynamic professional thriving in a high-growth startup.
Her digital world is rich with resources - from insightful articles and engaging videos to thought-provoking podcasts covering a spectrum of topics, including work-related topics and personal interests like health, meditation and productivity.


Despite her ambition and dedication, Taylor finds herself caught in a relentless juggle between a demanding career and a vibrant personal life. Her digital landscape mirrors this complexity: at any moment, her browser is a mosaic of over 30 tabs, each holding a piece of content she aspires to explore.
'Someday,' she tells herself, 'I'll have the time to swiftly dive into that intriguing video, absorb the insights from that podcast, delve into those articles, and dissect that market report.'
Yet, that 'someday' remains elusive, a distant dream in her ever-busy schedule.
Sounds familiar? Well, there is a Taylor in us !
The world of content is growing exponentially every day, but our brain has limited computing power.
Like Taylor, we all need an AI-powered second brain to handle this overload and yet keep learning.

Wanted: A Second Brain 🧠 to plug into

A second brain in which you feed all that is important to you.
The AI copilot turns (any piece of) information into bite-sized insights - tappable content, quotes, and a queryable database maximizing your productivity and ensuring you are learning on a daily basis.
Pluggdin Coda.png

GTM and Monetization

GTM: This is a global product, and we start with targeting (global) knowledge workers: individuals as well as teams.
Monetization: we will follow a mix of subscription (individual + team and org-level). We are like Canva - useful for an individual, great for teams!


Second brain for individuals to build their personal knowledge management system.
Second brain for team (like engg, marketing, sales, leadership etc) to build team’s knowledge management system.
Second brain for educators to share their ‘curated collection’ with students.

Roadmap and Current Status

We aren’t building just a product, but a powerful platform and community that empowers knowledge workers to reclaim their time by using our AI copilot that turns information into bite-sized insights.
I always wanted an app for bite-sized insights from the podcasts and books in my wishlist that I haven’t been able to read/listen to yet. It also helps me decide before starting a non-fiction book. This is the future of podcasting and twitter threads - from app store review.
The consumer version of the product (temp name BigIdeas App) is live on the play/app store (). It currently hosts more than 5000+ ideas, including summaries of 2000+ books, 500+ podcast episodes, and 600+ video summaries.
The platform, i.e. DIY version is currently being developed.

Team & Fundraising

The team is led by Ashish Sinha and Neeraj (AI + backend engineer). We're on a mission to tackle the ever-present challenge of our era – information overload and aim to create a global business that impacts millions of lives.
We are currently seeking $1 million in pre-seed funding to fuel our journey. The funding will be used for development of the platform, growth and to scale our AI capabilities.

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