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Threads 2023-24

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Below is a suggested marketing plan your Threads event, along with other resources.

~2 Months Out

Submit all promotional material your school needs to approve for use on campus.
Set up meetings with potential partner organizations (campus ministries, student organizations, churches, etc).
For your initial contact, share what Threads is and how they can help by collecting clothes and coming to the pop-up shop. Keep in mind how Threads aligns with their mission and goals.
Bring printed materials or attach promo materials in an email (like the “Gathering Clothes” flyer) for them to hang in their organization spaces (e.g. fraternity/sorority houses, dorm buildings, church bulletins, etc) or for them to send out to their members via email.
Hang the Threads “Gathering Clothes” flyers around campus, pending school approval.
Post on social media platforms.
This far out from the event, emphasize donating clothes as the primary call to action. Be sure to include where/how they can do this: Will you pick them up? Is there a donate box on campus?
Challenge: For every donation you get, try to take a picture to post on your Instagram story.
Tag whoever donated the clothes and thank them.

1 Month Out

Flood your campus with posters about coming to the event.
Reserve a time to table on your campus to promote the event.
Print out the Threads flyer with the date and time for you to pass out.
Post on social media that you will be tabling so you can encourage people to bring their clothes there to donate.
Make sure to have a box by the table for people to put donated clothes.
Post on social media (again)!
Post the first Instagram carousel and use one of the caption options provided.
Once a week, specifically highlight different donated pieces on your chapter’s Instagram.
Post 1-4 items that have been collected.
You could make it a weekly story series of “The Week’s Top Picks!”
Touch base with partner organizations about coming to speak at their meetings.
Asking this far in advance gives you plenty of time to plan when you can come and practice your Threads pitch.

1 Week Out

Ask the leaders/members of partnering organizations to remind their members about the event (e.g. asking fraternity/sorority members to mention Threads during their chapter meetings).
Every day leading up to the event, post an Instagram story of an outfit made from the collected clothes.

Day of Event

Have team members personally invite 5 people each to the event that day—this can include asking them in person or sending them a personalized text invite with the flyer attached.
Have team members post the Threads logo with an invitation to come out to the pop-up shop on their personal social media.
Make clear that the event is occurring that day and provide details on where it is happening.
While working the event, take pictures for your personal Instagram or your chapter’s Instagram.
Be sure to tag @ijm and @simplecharity_!

After the Event

Post how much was raised and about the success of the event.
Make sure to thank everyone for participating and being part of this campaign for justice.

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