Hatch PR Brief

About Hatch
is an Australian startup founded in 2017 by close friends (cofounder THE ICONIC) and (cofounder Zip Co).
Our Why

Our mission is for all people to find meaning in work.
Work is a very large part of our lives! Our belief is that it’s an opportunity to do something meaningful that helps us grow, provides financial stability, and makes a positive contribution to communities and interests we care about.
The world is coming out of the Industrial Era. Gone are the days that work is a 9 to 5 in careers we just have to put up with. Gone are the days that we study something when we’re at university and apply that skill for 40 years in one career. The recent pandemic with its Great Resignation, and the rise of the Information Age, mean that people today want to and can choose work that fits them, fits their interests, strengths, and their working style preferences. And they want that choice to be a pursuit that happens over time, providing ongoing opportunity to try something new, or try somewhere new.
However, current jobs boards do not facilitate this goal. They are transactional machines operating a “spray and pray” style marketplace that’s based on old school advertising business models. For employers, they mostly serve up non-relevant candidates. For candidates, they keep people in a box by valuing them only by what’s on their resume. The truth is where you studied, and what company you worked at, are not good indicators of your potential. They don’t help you find fit with meaningful work, they get in the way.
This all particularly plays out in the early career space where people are just starting out. It’s hard to know what you want to do for work! It’s certainly a question we carry all through our lives.
Just because a young person studied a particular degree doesn’t mean they’re best suited to work in that field. Just because they scored an impressive internship, doesn’t mean they’re more qualified than someone else from a less advantaged background.

Our what
Hatch is an early careers jobs marketplace to replace job boards, unlocking new opportunities for young people.
For young people, we are creating a new employment marketplace that levels the playing field for people at the start of their career, so they can find work that’s a good fit for them based on their underlying strengths and traits. And so they can try out new opportunities that their resume may not have qualified them for.
For teams, we’re creating a new employment marketplace that matches them to the right candidates based on what’s underneath - their skills, their values, and their work styles. So they can more easily hire high performers who fit their team, from all backgrounds.
If we are successful, Hatch will be the dominant destination where people find entry level and junior jobs. We will improve someone’s ability to try something new at the start of their career no matter their background, to accelerate their path to work that’s meaningful to them. For teams, we will improve their ability to engage the next generation, cultivating high performing and diverse young talent.
Our Product Evolution
Hatch 1.0 (2018 to today) - jobs marketplace for uni students to do meaningful paid work while they studied. Business model was Hatch acts as labour hire provider incl payroll and takes 10% margin.
See some video case studies:
(this one Domain created for their internal comms, the password is "rish")
(2020-21) - rapid reployment for Covid-19 stood down workers into other parts of the economy using their transferable skills. Same business model as Hatch 1.0.
Hatch 2.0 (2021) - hiring tool for employers to hire junior/mid level talent (goal was to expand out of internships on one side of the market). Pay per role.
Hatch 3.0 (2022 to today) - jobs marketplace for young talent, incl full timer workers and students. Business model will be employer subscription tiers based on volume use. But for now it’s free as we drive volume. The payroll model is still used by sticky Sydney customers, and generating revenue, but not our growth focus.
Founder Demo

Similar offerings
- our main competitive inspo
Employer Sales Pitch Deck
Ideal Customer Profiles

High-growth tech start-ups and scale-ups. Series A to D companies with 50 to 1000 employees and/or GTM growth 50%. It excludes large or publicly listed companies
High growth in headcount (2X yearly growth)
Hiring across the following areas:
Persona: Go to market (GTM) leaders working in Sales, Marketing or Customer Success. Focus on Hiring Managers for smaller companies, and Talent Acquisition for larger.
Hiring Managers who want:
To be matched with high-potential young talent motivated by their mission
To find holistic fit by going beyond the resume to discover shared values and see underlying strengths.
Persona: Junior talent who are keen to work in GTM for a high-growth tech start-up
Previous News Mentions
Key Stats
Founded in 2017
Current Team: 17
55,000+ candidates
Case Studies

Gen Z Trends

The Brief
Our challenge
How do achieve our North Star: 40 - 50 Employers using product successfully by Q2 2023 (3+ roles with 5+ candidates moved forward)
For Hatch, the marketplace concept only realises value for both employers and candidates if we have great roles listed and great candidates joining. But, how do we acquire users? And which comes first, the candidates or the employers?
There are many resources around - to marketplace tactics.
We are operating in a crowded market with a lot of noise around hiring, tons of vendors and our target sector being approached constantly.
Questions we ask ourselves constantly:
How do we get attention and stand out?
How do we gain 1000+ employers next week on the platform?
How do we gain 100,000 candidates next week on the platform?
Similar offerings:
- our main competitive inspo

PR Objectives
Drive awareness of Hatch as the best destination where people find entry level and junior jobs at high growth technology companies
Specifically target group of 50 ICP companies, stay top of mind, so they think of us every time they post a new role. - Building their confidence in our talent pool.
Establish clarity of Hatch proposition and resolve confusion from previous pivots.
Now-December 2022 - Engage Partner, Plan 2023 Q1 Strategy
January 2023 - Launch Q1 2023 Strategy
Q2 2023 - Plan 2023 Always on PR Strategy

Potential Areas of Discussions
Upcoming Project: : We've rounded up some of Sydney’s top early career employers. They're impact led and they're doing things differently, but they have one thing in common – they're growing fast!
Industrial Era Methods of Finding Work - The evolution of the newspaper job ad to algorithmic hyper-personalised matching
Making hiring human - traditional job boards are a very transactional way of finding work which has bad incentives all for all parties, and low quality results. - How Hatch uses value based algorithms, video interviews, and ditching CVs to improve the hiring process for tech companies.
Career Growth During a Recession
How Hatch the platform that redeployed sacked workers are matching up and coming talent to jobs.
Just been laid off, now what? - See how Hatch is enabling workers to take a career pivot
Graduates coming in to the workforce during a recession finding it hard to find jobs, - Hatch matches junior talent to find jobs based on their skills, talent and values.
The rise of young talent
How to make jobs work for GenZ
New expectation of Work-Life Balance and Remote First Expectations
How new grads are looking for work in ways you’ve never expected
TikTok Interviews - How a generation is applying for jobs and creating their personal brand - Video-First

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