Restaurant Owners Covid Survival Guide

Bootstrapped Marketing

✔️Update your online presence

Your business is probably listed on multiple online services such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp etc.
to update your new hours of operations, and your off-premise plan with customers.

If you
don't already have a digital presence
, it's time to extend your business online.
In the
, create profiles on
, Google, Nextdoor
Creating a social media page is straightforward and free. On Facebook, Yelp and Google my business your listing page can become your central location to share information about your business
On Facebook and Instagram, you can communicate directly with your customers using a chatbot.

🌈 Display Positivity
Use the space in front of your store to attract customers, including windows and back doors, even to grab attention. Spread positivity.
👯Engage on Social Media
Share your everyday stories, and involve your customers. Post authentic content often. Popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor. If you need help, reach out to local college or high schoolers during the summer. Use enticing visuals, convert a part of your restaurant into a small photo studio. Drive interest and stay top of mind for your customers while having FUN. See more in the Social Media Strategy Playbook. (coming soon)
💝Delight with off-premise experience
Expand the on-site experience to off-site. Use technology to connect live and recreate the ambiance like Friday evening Zoom Bingo calls, Youtube live music sessions. Make it memorable by packing hand-written notes or toilet paper rolls with the orders. Bring the community together with a virtual cookout session that involves your branded meal-kits. Facilitate social interactions with social media challenges and wine and cheese nights. Get creative, have fun, and delight your customers.
👊Build a Relationship
Connect with your community on Facebook groups or Nextdoor. Deepen the relationship with your customers and reward frequent patrons. Consider launching a loyalty program. POS, such as Square, CAKE, integrates email marketing at an additional cost. Alternatively, check out FiveStars and Belly. Many of these services are waving off fees.
🌈 Display Positivity
Use the space in front of your store to attract customers, including windows and back doors, even to grab attention. Spread

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