Restaurant Owners Covid Survival Guide

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A restaurant owner's playbook to survive and thrive during COVID.


I am , a marketing expert focused on empowering small businesses. As a small business owner, I know it is overwhelming to make critical decisions in a brief period without having a comprehensive understanding of the next steps or knowledge of options available. I am motivated to help you overcome that feeling.
In this playbook, I have organized well researched actionable steps that you can consider as you explore answers to questions like -
How to keep my customers continuously engaged?
What to change in our day-to-day operations?
How to improve cash flow and sustain the business?

Ultimately, with the help of this playbook, I hope you feel comfortable choosing a customized solution that is ✅RIGHT for your business. Hard times like this help us build character, know that your community of customers want to support your business. ❤️ It's time to stay agile, scrappy, and optimistic.

Inside the Playbook

This playbook aims to provide actionable steps considering four significant aspects of your business
: Thinking about the customer experience and how it translates into your business operations.
: A deep dive into understanding food items you can sell
: Understanding how to set-up a contactless business operations
: Highlighting some low budget marketing strategies to drive sales.

Quick TL;DR

Many experts believe that many of our day-to-day interactions will move online in the post COVID world.
If you don't have a robust online presence, this is the time to establish that. Find the useful tools to do that here -
@🌐 Share your Menu digitally
. Understand how to make your business "contactless" here -. Use the word "contactless" in your marketing and online profiles. Learn more
. Next, coming soon, more information on complying with CDC guidelines and how to plan for the future. Get notified sign up

About the author

is a marketing expert focused on empowering small businesses across the globe.
I hope to inspire you with a few ideas that help you adjust rapidly to the changing environment. Was this guide useful? Please share your views
. Can I help you? I am offering my consulting services for FREE. Use this link to with me. I'd be happy to help them navigate the complicated world of tech.

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