How to Open PST File into Office 365 on Outlook?

In this guide we will learn how to Import/Open PST file in Microsoft Office 365 on Outlook. After reading this guide you will be able to Open PST File in Outlook 365 mailbox.
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PST, or Personal Storage Table, is a file format commonly used to store email data, which is particularly popular for users who have migrated from older versions of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook 365, the latest version of Outlook, provides several options for opening PST files, ensuring seamless access to your email archives.

Reasons to Open PST Files in Office 365:

Accessing Old Emails: PST files can harbor a wealth of historical emails, allowing you to retrieve important messages that may not be readily available in your online mailbox.
Merging PSTs into Office 365 Mailboxes: If you've used multiple email accounts over the years, consolidating your PSTs into a single Office 365 mailbox can streamline management and organization.
Restoring Damaged PST Files: PST files can sometimes become corrupted or damaged, rendering them unusable. Opening PST files in Outlook 365 can help identify and potentially repair these issues.

Manual Methods to Open PST Files into Office 365:

Using Import/Export Wizard: Connect your Office 365 account to Outlook desktop client and use the Import/Export Wizard to import your PST file into your online mailbox.
Using Third-party Software: Specialized software like Shoviv PST Toolbox can connect to your Office 365 account and directly import PST files without the need for Outlook.

Professional Solution to Open PST File in Office 365:

Recommended: Utilize a dedicated PST file management tool specifically designed for handling PST files in Office 365. These tools offer robust features, including batch processing, selective migration, and advanced filtering options.

Step-by-Step to Open PST File in Microsoft 365:

Install and Run the PST Management Software: Download and install a reputable PST management tool like .
Connect to Office 365 Account: Provide the required credentials to connect your Office 365 account to the software.
Select PST File: Browse and select the PST file you want to import into your Office 365 mailbox.
Customize Import Settings: Define the desired import options, such as selecting specific folders or applying filtering rules.
Initiate PST Import: Start the import process, allowing the tool to seamlessly transfer your email data from PST to Office 365.

Benefits of Using PST Management Software for Opening PST Files in Outlook 365:

Effortless Data Migration: Automate the migration process, saving time and effort compared to manual methods.
Enhanced Control: Customize the import process to select specific folders, apply filters, and handle large PST files efficiently.
Data Security: Ensure the integrity and security of your email data during the import process.
Compatibility with Multiple Outlook Versions: Works seamlessly with various Outlook versions, including Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Final Verdict:

Opening PST files in Microsoft Outlook 365 offers a convenient way to access, manage, and integrate your email archives into your online mailbox. While manual methods provide basic functionality, dedicated offers advanced features, enhanced control, and seamless integration with multiple Outlook versions, making it the preferred choice for professionals and power users.

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