How to Import EML Files to Office 365 & Outlook Web (OWA)?

In this guide, we will evaluate the possible ways to migrate/import EML files into Office 365 and Outlook Web Access(OWA). Read this blog to know the finest solution for this kind of email migration to Office 365 (Mailbox, Public folder, Archive Mailbox).
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Stuck in the email purgatory of EML files, longing for the organized paradise of Office 365? You're not alone, weary digital explorer! Many users find themselves yearning for the powerful features and cloud comfort of Office 365, but the barrier of transferring those precious EML emails holds them back. No fret, for this blog will be your trusty map, guiding you through the simple, effective methods of importing EML files into your Office 365 haven, ensuring your digital memories bloom anew in their new home.

A Word on EML File:

These little fellas - EML files - are email messages stored in a single file format. They're like those treasured letters tucked away in an old chest, holding memories and information. But just like those letters, accessing them efficiently in today's digital world can be a challenge.

Why Import EML to Microsoft Outlook 365?

While your EML files have served you well, Office 365 offers a world of advantages:
Cloud Convenience: Access your emails anywhere, anytime, from any device. No more desktop-bound limitations!
Enhanced Security: Microsoft's robust infrastructure keeps your data safe from digital dragons and pesky spam monsters.
Organizational Powerhouse: Categorize, filter, and manage your emails with ease, leaving your inbox a picture of zen-like calm.
Integration Paradise: Calendar, documents, notes, and contacts – it's all seamlessly connected in the Microsoft ecosystem, a one-stop shop for digital productivity.

Methods to Upload EML files into Office 365?

There are two common methods that are used for migrating/importing EML files into M365 mailbox. Firstly, we go with a manual method that allow to import EML files into Office 365. In this method we use drag and drop method to directly upload emails data into Microsoft 365 mailbox on Outlook Application. The second method is our all time best EML to Office 365 migrator tool.

#1 Method: Import EML files into Outlook 365 Manually:

This method is like sliding open a secret door straight into your Office 365 realm. Open Outlook in your desktop app and simply drag and drop your EML files directly into the desired folder. That's it! Your emails magically appear, ready to be enjoyed.
Microsoft Outlook desktop app: You'll need the Outlook desktop app installed and configured as well as connected to your Office 365 account.
EML files: Have your EML files organized and ready for import.

Drag and Drop Method to Import EML files into Outlook:

1. Launch Outlook Application:
Open the Microsoft Outlook desktop app.
2. Locate EML Files stored on your Computer:
Use File Explorer to navigate to the folder containing your EML files.
3. Drag and Drop EML files into Outlook folder:
Select the desired EML files.
Drag them directly into the Outlook folder where you want to import them (e.g., Inbox, a specific subfolder).
4. Release and Import:
Release the mouse button when hovering over the desired folder in Outlook.
Outlook will automatically start importing the EML files.
6. Monitor Progress:
Observe the progress bar at the bottom of the Outlook window.
The import may take a few moments depending on the number and size of the EML files.
7. Verify your emails after import complete:
Once the import is complete, check the target folder in Outlook to ensure the EML emails have been successfully imported.


Group Import: Drag and drop multiple EML files at once for efficiency.
Specific Selection: Hold the Ctrl key while clicking to select individual EML files for more selective import.
Export All Emails in PST: If your Outlook App is not configured with Office 365 account then you can also export all your mailbox data into PST file format. By doing this you can take a backup of your emails data, which you can save on your desired location of cloud storage.

Things You Need to Remember:

This method is only applicable for the Outlook desktop app, not the web version.
It's generally a straightforward process, but for more complex scenarios or large-scale migrations, consider the EML to office 365 migration tool.

#2 Method: All in One Solution to Import EML files into Office 365 and Outlook (OWA)

For those seeking a powerful, automated solution, there are specialized EML to Office 365 converter tools like or Stellar Converter EML to PST. These digital warriors handle the entire process in one go, converting and importing your EML files directly into your Office 365 account. Just sit back and watch the email magic unfold!

Steps to Import EML to Office 365 & Outlook Web:

1. Download and Install:
Visit the Shoviv website and download the EML to Office 365 Migration tool.
Install it on your system following the on-screen instructions.
2. Launch the Tool:
Open the Shoviv EML to Office 365 Migration application.
3. Add EML Files:
Click "Add File" or "Add Folder": Choose individual EML files or an entire folder containing them.
Review Files: Verify the files you've added in the preview pane.
4. Select Destination:
Choose "Office 365" as the export destination.
Enter Credentials: Provide your Office 365 account credentials when prompted.
5. Filter (Optional):
Apply filters to select specific emails or folders for migration, if needed.
6. Mapping (Optional):
Map EML folders to specific Office 365 folders, ensuring a well-organized import.
7. Start Conversion:
Click the "Export" button to initiate the migration process.
8. Monitor Progress:
Track the progress bar for updates and completion.
9. Verification:
Once finished, access your Office 365 account to confirm the imported emails in their designated folders.

Features and Support:

Trial Version: Use the free trial version to test the tool's functionality before purchase.
Batch Processing: The tool supports importing multiple EML files simultaneously.
Preserves Data Integrity: Shoviv ensures metadata, attachments, and folder structure are maintained during import.
Incremental Export: This feature allow to resume the migration process, if somehow process interrupt due to internet connection or sudden power failure.
Technical Support: Contact Shoviv's support team for assistance if needed.

At the users end:

Ensure a stable internet connection during the import process.
For detailed visual guidance, refer to , as they'll provide screenshots of the tool's interface.


doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and tools, you can seamlessly transfer your emails and unlock the powerful features of your new digital home. So, pack your email memories, choose your method, and embark on the journey to email paradise!
Explore Outlook's advanced features like categories, rules, and search options to maximize your email productivity in your new digital haven.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How do I open an EML file in Office 365? ​Answer: Office 365 directly doesn't open EMLs. Drag them into the Outlook desktop app to import them.
Question: How do I attach an EML file in Outlook? ​Answer: Forward the EML from your email client or drag it directly into an existing email in Outlook.
Question: Why is Outlook not opening EML files? ​Answer: Outdated Outlook or corrupted EML file could be the culprits. Update Outlook and try repairing the EML file.
Question: Does Outlook read EML files? ​Answer: Yes, Outlook can read EML files after importing them through the drag-and-drop method or the Local Bridge technique.
Question: How do I open an EML file in Outlook online? ​Answer: Unfortunately, online isn't possible. You need to import them first through the Outlook desktop app.

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