Convert EML to PST with Shoviv EML Converter Tool

In this blog you will know how to export/Convert multiple EML files into Outlook PST format. We evaluate two methods and suggest which one is best for you.
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EML, the standard format for individual email messages, can pose a challenge when you need to integrate them into Microsoft Outlook's PST format. This conversion process becomes crucial for users transitioning from other email clients or those seeking to consolidate their email data within a single platform. While manual methods exist, they can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This is where Shoviv EML Converter steps in, offering a powerful and efficient solution for seamless migration.

Why Convert EML to PST?

EML files are often used by email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Gmail. However, Microsoft Outlook, the preferred choice for many businesses and individuals, utilizes the PST format for email storage. Converting your EML files to PST allows you to:
Consolidate your email data: Integrate your emails from various sources into a single, centralized location within Outlook.
Maintain accessibility: Ensure long-term access to your emails, even if you switch email clients in the future.
Leverage Outlook functionalities: Access advanced features like email organization, search, and management tools available within Outlook.

Top Methods to Convert EML to PST:

1. Manual Methods:

Drag and Drop: Outlook allows dragging and dropping EML files directly into the inbox. However, this method can be tedious and time-consuming for large volumes of emails.
Outlook Express: If you have Outlook Express installed, you can import EML files directly into its folders and export them as a PST file. This method requires additional software and technical knowledge.

Limitations of Manual Methods:

Time-consuming and tedious: Converting large quantities of EML files manually can take considerable time and effort.
Error-prone: Manual processes are susceptible to errors and data loss, especially when dealing with complex email structures.
Limited functionality: Manual methods lack advanced features like batch conversion, filtering, and metadata preservation.

Automated Tool: Shoviv EML Converter

offers a robust and user-friendly solution for converting EML files to PST format. This specialized tool simplifies the conversion process, saving you time and ensuring accurate results.

Advantages of Shoviv EML Converter:

Fast and efficient conversion: Shoviv EML Converter utilizes advanced algorithms to process large volumes of EML files quickly, saving you valuable time.
Accurate and reliable: The tool meticulously preserves your email structure, attachments, and metadata during conversion, ensuring data integrity.
User-friendly interface: The intuitive interface requires minimal technical knowledge, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
Advanced features: Shoviv EML Converter offers features like batch conversion, date range filtering, and email search to streamline the process and meet your specific needs.
Security and reliability: The tool prioritizes data security with encryption options and guarantees the integrity of your email messages.
Free trial: A free trial allows you to test the tool's functionalities and experience its benefits firsthand.

Importing Converted PST into MS Outlook:

Once the conversion is complete, you can seamlessly import the generated PST file into Microsoft Outlook using the Import/Export wizard. This straightforward process integrates your converted emails into your Outlook mailbox, allowing you to access and manage them within the familiar Outlook environment.


can be a daunting task, especially when relying on manual methods. Shoviv EML Converter emerges as the ideal solution, offering unparalleled speed, accuracy, and ease of use. By leveraging this tool, you can effortlessly bridge the gap between different email clients and enjoy seamless access to your consolidated email data within Microsoft Outlook. So, why delay? Take the first step towards a more organized and efficient email experience with Shoviv EML Converter.


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