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Backup Office 365 Mailbox All You Need to Know [Updated]

In this article we will know how to backup entire office 365 mailbox with (Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes and Tasks) in a easy manner. We discuss various aspect of office 365 mailbox and why its important to regularly backup mailbox data.
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Backing up your Office mailbox is important for several reasons. First, it can protect you from data loss in the event of a hardware failure, software corruption, or cyberattack. Second, it can help you recover from accidental deletion or modification of your emails. Third, it can provide you with a way to archive your emails for future reference.

Why Backup Office 365 mailbox?

There are several reasons why you might want to back up your Office 365 mailbox:
Data loss prevention: Office 365 is a reliable service, but it is not immune to data loss. Hardware failures, software glitches, and cyberattacks can all lead to the loss of your data. By backing up your mailbox, you can protect yourself from data loss and ensure that you always have a copy of your emails.
Compliance: Many businesses and organizations are required to comply with data retention regulations. Backing up your mailbox can help you meet these requirements and avoid costly fines.
Disaster recovery: If your business experiences a disaster, such as a fire or flood, your Office 365 mailbox may be inaccessible. By having a backup of your mailbox, you can quickly and easily restore your emails and get back to work.

Methods to Backup All Data From Office 365

There are two main ways to back up your Office 365 mailbox: manually and professionally.

Manual Method

The manual method involves exporting your mailbox to a PST file. PST files are Outlook Data Files that can be used to store emails, contacts, calendar items, and other Outlook data.

To export your Office 365 mailbox to a PST file, follow these steps:

Open Outlook.
Click the File tab.
Click Open & Export > Import/Export.
In the Import and Export Wizard dialog box, select Export to a file, and then click Next.
Select Outlook Data File (.pst), and then click Next.
Select the mailbox that you want to export, and then click Next.
Select the options for your PST file, such as whether to include subfolders and whether to encrypt the file.
Click Browse to select a location to save the PST file.
Enter a name for the PST file, and then click Finish.


The manual method of backing up your Office 365 mailbox has several limitations:
It is time-consuming and tedious.
It is not easy to automate.
It is not as reliable as professional backup solutions.

Professional Methods

Professional backup solutions offer a number of advantages over the manual method. They are typically:
More reliable.
More scalable.
Easier to automate.
More secure.

Some professional backup solutions for Office 365 include:

Weeom Backup For Office 365
Veeam Office 365 backup
Spanning Backup
Altaro Office 365 Backup


The main advantage of using a professional backup solution is that it can save you time and hassle. Professional backup solutions are typically easy to set up and use, and they can automate the backup process so that you don't have to worry about it.

So which one is best for you?

The best way to back up your Office 365 mailbox depends on your individual needs and budget. If you are looking for a free or low-cost solution, you can use the manual method. However, if you are looking for a more reliable and scalable solution, you should consider using a professional backup solution.


Backing up your Office 365 mailbox is an important way to protect your data and ensure that you always have a copy of your emails. There are both manual and professional methods of backing up your mailbox. The best method for you will depend on your individual needs and budget.


Q: How often should I back up my Office 365 mailbox?
A: You should back up your Office 365 mailbox on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly. The frequency of your backups will depend on how important your data is and how often it changes.
Q: Where should I store my backup files?
A: You should store your backup files in a safe and secure location. This could be an external hard drive, a cloud storage service, or a tape library.
Q: How do I restore my Office 365 mailbox from a backup?
A: To restore your Office 365 mailbox from a backup, you will need to import the PST file into Outlook.
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