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Shishir's To-Do List Philosophy

Triage by Category

Start by category to try to minimize context switching. For each bucket, what really needs to get done?
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Future Steps
0 General
Board Meeting Prep
Set agenda / assign owners
Hold prep meetings
1 Today [5/12]
Monthly board email
3 This Month [May]
1 Tech
Publishing Launch
Publish a great doc
Publish 5 more!
1 Today [5/12]
Formula Language Feedback
Summarize user feedback on formulas
2 This Week [5/15]
Packs Feedback
Collect feedback on which Packs to build next
2 This Week [5/15]
2 Business
Community post
Write "pre-draft" of next community post
Revise in Week 3 of the month
3 This Month [May]
Coda Block Party
Write kickoff speech
3 This Month [May]
New welcome email
Collect feedback on current welcome mail
2 This Week [5/15]
3 G&A
Quarterly team offsite
4 Someday
New office location
4 Someday
Set Annual Budget
Schedule budget review meeting
Solicit budget requests
3 This Month [May]
4 People
New employee onboarding approach
3 This Month [May]
Hire another product evangelist
New job description
Post job description
1 Today [5/12]
7 Advisorships
Bitcoin Startup
Figure out what an ICO is
Decide whether to invest in the ICO
2 This Week [5/15]
Self-driving stroller startup
Build prototype
3 This Month [May]
8 Personal
Create an awesome new to do list 😀
Review all the Coda To Do list templates
1 Today [5/12]
Taxes 2019
Accountant's 1st pass
1 Today [5/12]
Coach daughter's robot league team
Kids decide on new route plan for robot
Regional Championship: In 2 weeks!
1 Today [5/12]
Gather charity items for donation
Extra clothes in basement
Kids toys
2 This Week [5/15]

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