What’s holding back Telehealth Technology Industry?

Today the Telehealth Technology Industry provides comfortable and remote services to over 74% of US patients. This is because more than 50% of the hospitals in the US have adopted Advanced Telehealth Solutions and Methodologies.
In spite of adopting , a big chunk of the population is devoid of these Services, which is why we still have certain drawbacks and challenges choking up the tele-healthcare system.
Let's take a look at the Challenges the telehealth Industry is facing:
Care Service Access:
In view of this threatening period of the pandemic, there are various factors like shortage of Clinicians, clinical burnout, insufficient beds where access to healthcare service becomes difficult. Hence insufficient access to health care affects a patient's well-being and throttles the Country's Healthcare System.
Geriatric Care:
Providing timely, remote, and professional healthcare to patients with complications, for instance, old-Age, liberal to limited mobility, or situations like Pregnancy where one may need a little extra protection and help to avail Healthcare facilities easily, is still a task if we still depend on traditional methods of healthcare systems. However, one of the advanced telehealth solutions that can overcome such a challenge is RPM.
Low Patient Inflow:
Stepping out of the house has moreover turned out to be a fright for many today, let alone struggling with the medical appointment process or waiting in long queues in a hospital or clinic. At times the poor quality of service delivered by the healthcare providers may also be a setback for the HealthCare industry in 2021.
Loss Of Revenue:
As a clinician, delivering low-quality service as well as misled diagnostic examinations due to traditional healthcare approaches may comparatively affect the goodwill of the Health Center. Inefficient or unacceptable quality of service leads to decreased inflow of patients which eventually reduces the inflow of revenue.
Data Management And Security:
Sorting patient's Data in an outdated way is still a practice followed by various health centers in the US. This not only leads to a delay in taking proactive actions but also leads to unnecessary fear of misplacing those records.
Not just the fear of misplacing one's records but also breaching of personal data has been a looming thread of fear which people are woven through.
You could be a Patient or Professional, you could take up Traditional Approach or make your tasks easier with the Advanced Telehealth Solutions provided by
Overcoming such unconventional challenges should be the main motive.”
Taking appointments through an application or Owning digitized case papers, having a face-to-face consultation through electronic devices, or maintaining a structured database all are forms of Advanced which is the solution to overcome all the aforementioned challenges.

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