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Data Engineer Onsite Details

Coding Exercise

2 hrs

At the beginning of this interview, one of our engineers will give you a prompt to read through. We encourage you to read through the entire prompt before starting on the exercise. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have about the prompt, and even discuss your intended approach. You’ll have some time to work on the problem on your own, in whatever coding environment and relational database engine you're most comfortable with. You’ll be able to ping your interviewer at any time with questions, and they will also check-in periodically to see if you have any questions as well. At the end of the interview you’ll review the code together!

For this exercise, you work on a single console-based program built using a programming language of your choice, query an API and work with a relational database (Postgres or MySQL). There is no UI component.

To get your machine ready
before interview day
, please follow instructions here:

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