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Stay On Top of Slack Messages with Zapier

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Getting Started

Best Practices for Managing Slack Madness
Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the Slack messages? Do you often read a message while in the middle of something and forget to get back to it later?
I built this template to not only help organize your Slack messages but also serve as a way not to let things slip through the cracks so you can spend time Focused on your current tasks.

Best Practices and Tips

#1 Create Different Types of Follow Up Actions based on Urgency and Type

I have created the following Zaps for my Slack Messages:
Add to Task List for Today - For immediate action items that I need to take care of
Add to Coda Directory - For Items that aren’t urgent, I can read EOD or EOW.

#2 Create Tags and Categories

Sort Content by Adding
and , allowing easy searching and finding later. I like to color conditional format with tags to make it easy for me to create new titles as I go. For example, I use # for any tags within the Internal category. When I begin a new label, I start with #, which automatically colors the tag yellow.

#3 Sync your Calendar for Adding Meeting Notes

I synced my Google Calendar, so I quickly added notes to meetings. Creating a message also adds the necessary info such as Description, date, and summary/agenda.

#4 Create a Process for Reading Messages

I created an view where I can view, read, tag, and file away all messages I made. So I have a to-do to check my inbox 2x a week.

Need Help?
Interested in building out your Sales Workflow and Processes or want to customize this template to add Salesforce activity metrics? with our consulting services and we are happy to build out a custom doc or workflow for you!

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