Madrona's Linkedin Tips

LinkedIn has massively changed since we many of us first set up our profile. Here are some of the latest tips for building your profile and using the platform effectively.
, Director of Strategic Communications @ Madrona Venture Group

✔ Why it Matters:
Your company’s most influential social media audience is on LinkedIn – and the most powerful elements of that presence are the profiles of the other professionals who work at your company. This is also the most important social channel for a majority of your target candidates, customers and partners.

Make “follow” the default action that people see when they view your profile
Followers are people on LinkedIn who see your posts in their LinkedIn newsfeed, even if they are not connected to you. Connections also see your updates and activity by default. Making follow the default action on your profile will increase your individual audience on LinkedIn for your posts and other activity. A potential secondary benefit is that it can decrease the number of inbound connections you receive from people you don’t know, who can simply follow you instead. Here’s an
of the difference between followers and connections. Here’s
In the left-hand menu, click on “Visibility”
Scroll down. In the main menu, click on “Change” next to Followers
Toggle the “make follow primary” switch to on (green)

Add your name prounounciation.
Even if your name is common, viewers will appreciate this. The bonus is your voice gets to be part of your composition.
Heres’ an
Here’s how do record it:

If you have LinkedIn premium, you can also enable “Open Messaging”.
This will allow anyone on LinkedIn to message you directly, even if you’re not connected. It makes “message” the default action when people view your profile. This could be useful but will also likely lead to you receiving more messages on LinkedIn than you already do. More details

Post content and participate in conversations!
commenting on, and sharing updates
from portfolio company founders and executives and from your company page are a great way to spread the news about specific updates. That being said, a profile full of likes and company news doesn’t really convey who you are or develop your public personality as a thoughtful investor and partner. To grow your public personality, you need to
comment on posts
and share thoughtfully (more than ‘Congrats!”).
Another way to do this is to
write your own updates or posts
or a
full article
(these articles and posts
do not need
to be 1,500-word researched essays). These updates can range from short observations around company building, thoughts on companies you’re working with (potentially with an ok-to-share insight after board meetings or something similar), reflections on an article that you like. You can do this by clicking ‘write article’ in your update window:
📝👀A recent example of this
post on winning the
. You definitely want a good photo.
After posting
, liking/replying to comments and
engaging in the discussion is important
. Why do a post and then ignore the people who come to see it? Experiment and find what works best for you.
📝👀 Here is an example post written by
@Tim Porter
at Madrona:

Add a LinkedIn “background photo”:
It’s surprising how many are lacking a background photo. This is a simple way to make your profile more personal and look like you sometimes visit LinkedIn. A landscape or wallpaper of a place or scene that’s important to you is an easy way to make your profile more personal.
is a great place for finding a high-res photo for free. You can also use your own photos - landscapes of a place you like or Seattle would fit well. We have some landscapes of Seattle we can share if you need one.
Add a website or link to blog posts in your introduction section:
Your company website is a great resource for people to learn more about the what you do. The introduction section is at the top of your profile and grabs attention. Adding a link to the website, or particular blog posts (e.g. a thought piece by the founder), can present a way for people to learn more about the problems your company solves, or other announcements. Pick something that feels relevant. Here are the
on how to do that.
Refresh your description of your Company in your work history
Consider writing something that every employee can use. Below is language from Madrona that many of our employees have clipped to their LI profile.
Madrona is a venture capital firm based in Seattle, investing mainly in seed and Series A technology based companies. We invest across a range of
and have been at it for 25 years. Our passion is working with early founders from Day One through to the Long Run and we have an Acceleration fund for companies Series B and beyond. Madrona investors are active in helping our companies grow and we bring resources from hiring, to biz dev to communications to the table.
Fill out the "recommendations” section from colleagues, customers, happy employee or other people you work with:
This fits with the general theme of a complete LinkedIn profile is a good LinkedIn profile. Positive testimonials or recommendations from portfolio founders or executives whom you’ve worked with in the past are a great way to quickly showcase meaningful projects or create a positive signal for new potential investments.
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.