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Add Items via CSV

Use /csv to import a CSV file containing references. RIS, EndNotes, PubMed or other popular reference formats can be converted to CSV using . You can also copy and paste a table from Excel or Google Sheets directly into the page below.
Reorder the columns in your imported table to match the column order in the ‘Add Items’ table
Note: the column names do not need to match.
If the Add Items table contains columns you do not want to track in the Source Database, right click the column name and ‘Hide’ it.
If your imported table contains additional columns that you want to have available in the Source Database, move those columns to the far right. This will create a new column in the Source Database with the imported information.
For columns in your import that you do not want transferred into the database, right-click the column title and ‘Hide’ or ‘Delete’ the columns.
On your table of imported items, press the 8 dots to the left of the first row to select the entire row, scroll to the last item in the table and hold the Shift key while pressing the 8 dots beside the last item to select all items in the table. Press Ctrl + C to copy all items.
On the Add Items Table, press + New row to add a blank row. Press the 8 dots beside the new row, then Ctrl + V to paste all the items into the table.
The table of imported items can be deleted after all items have been copied to the Add Items table.
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