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About me

Hello there.

My name is Stefan and I am a software product manager. This is my home on the web.
Professional me
Currently I work at , where we build software that powers last-mile distribution of life-changing products like solar home systems, water pumps, and cookstoves.
Before that, I was leading product development at Joule Assets Europe. At Joule I helped pilot a software solution focused on financing small-scale energy efficiency projects.
In a past life, I was doing renewable energy economics and policy analysis. You can find papers I wrote or contributed to here.
I have way too many of these, and not enough willpower to act on all of them. Overall, I like to think about:
Complex systems and feedback loops
Bets and risk-taking
Energy economics
Monetary economics
Wealth and income inequality
Product design
Incentive design
Personal me
I’m a husband and a dad, and I love my girls to death.

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