Buttons on Canvas

Creating buttons on Canvas is a great way to increase accessibility! It makes your external links far easier and more natural to find.

Step 1

Create a single celled table on an assignment / page in canvas

Step 2

Type in the Text you want the button to have in it, center that text, and then hyperlink that text

Step 3

Shorten your table using the blue blocks at the corner - drag the table to be smaller

Step 4

Center your table in the field using the Table Properties feature (
Hint: I always make my “border width = 3”. Just makes it prettier).

Table Properties

Center Table

Step 5

When table properties is open you will notice an “advanced” option right below the word “General”. Click on that and change the Tables border color and fill color. I always like choosing Dark blue for border and light blue for fill.

Boom! You are done, you now have an awesome button that is very intuitive and easy for the kiddos to find. After a couple times, it takes me approximately 15 seconds to make a button but saves the headaches of helping students individually find their links/assignments.

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