What topics does schoolhouse.world offer tutoring in?
Sessions are currently offered for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, and SAT prep. Additional subjects may be added in the future

What do I do if I’m not in a U.S. time zone?
You can be a part of the
community wherever you are! Since we have tutors from all around the world, you’re likely to find a session that works for you. When you’re signing up for sessions, the date and time are automatically converted to your time zone.

Am I allowed to join sessions if I’m under 13?
We currently require all students and tutors to be at least 13 years old. We hope to expand to younger ages soon.

How are sessions kept safe from bad actors?
Please see our session safety measures

How long are sessions?
Sessions can range from twenty minutes to one hour, depending on the tutor’s preference. When signing up for a session, you will be able to see the start time and the end time (which is automatically converted to your time zone).

How many students are in each session?
The number of students in each session may vary based on demand and tutor preference (each tutor sets their session capacity). Sessions typically have 3-10 students.


Who are the tutors on schoolhouse.world?
Our tutors are volunteers who are committed to giving all kids access to the supplemental help they need. Some are teachers by background, while others are people who just love to teach. All tutors are hand-picked through our application process, and carefully monitored for quality and safety.

Do sessions cost anything?
No, all sessions are completely free of cost. If your teacher has supplied their payment information, it will be shared in the email you get after your session is complete. This gives you the option to support them if you have the financial means, but there is no obligation.

Do I have to turn my camera on in the Zoom session?
It’s completely up to you and your parents whether you turn your camera on.


Do I need any prior experience to become a tutor?
No prior experience is needed as you will be mentored by more experienced tutors as soon as you join the system. If you do not have experience with tutoring, you will need to submit a video where you explain a concept to show your skills and commitment to tutoring. You will have the opportunity to build your skills by watching other tutors and receiving feedback from other tutors on your session.

How big of a time commitment is tutoring?
There is no obligation––tutor as much or as little as you are available. We strive to keep our system flexible so tutors with many different levels of experience can get involved at whatever capacity they can.

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