certification provides an easy way to showcase your mastery in core math topics so that we know you are ready to tutor the topic. Build a tutor profile that shows what you're ready to teach. We will also soon be adding your reputation and track record as a tutor. This will be used by students choosing group tutoring sessions. We also hope to connect highly regarded tutors with opportunities in college and industry.

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How it works

Choose a Khan Academy unit
to become a certified tutor in. We currently provide tutor certification in calculus and statistics (more subjects coming soon). If you need help preparing, sign up
for free tutoring.
Achieve at least a 90%
on the unit test while explaining your reasoning out loud.
You will record a video on
to verify that it was you who did the work, and submit this for review. You are allowed to take the test as many times as you want until you master it.
Peer review two videos
from students around the world who are trying to get tutor certification in the same unit.
That’s all! Once your video has been reviewed, you’ll get an email with a
publicly shareable link
to your tutor profile, which can be shared with potential students. Over time, this profile will also have evidence of the contributions you’ve made to the community as a tutor. In the future, we hope to connect highly reputed tutors with opportunities in higher education, scholarships and internships. Build your profile even further (and help students from around the world), by applying to tutor the topics you have mastered

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free, upgraded Loom account
. You’ll need this upgrade to keep recording submissions after your initial 14-day free Loom trial expires.

Start practicing

Select a course you’d like to become a certified tutor in:

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, or email us at
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