Who can tutor?

We believe that schoolhouse.world tutoring sessions should be just as much of a learning opportunity for tutors as they are for students.

By volunteering to tutor, you can help students from all backgrounds gain more equal access to the help they need. However, in addition to that, you can deepen your own understanding of the topics you tutor and use the feedback you get from other tutors to improve your teaching and communication skills.

On this basis,
we welcome tutors from every background.
If you don’t have professional experience, you can still join the community; we just ask that you submit an example video of yourself explaining a relevant math concept along with the rest of your application. This will help us gauge where your strengths are give you some feedback before you start.

How are tutors compensated?

Tutoring is done on a voluntary basis, however, we still want schoolhouse.world tutors to have a way to get some financial compensation for their effort. If you choose to share your Venmo or PayPal information, students who join your sessions (and their parents) will be encouraged to send payments to you directly if they have the means.

Apply Now

Our application takes ~10 minutes to complete, aside from filming the optional example lesson which we recommend for applicants with less experience.

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