What are the benefits of earning schoolhouse.world tutor certifications?
By becoming a certified tutor, it will increase confidence from potential students that you have subject matter expertise necessary to tutor. It is also a good way to assess that you yourself are ready to tutor that topic. Over time, we also hope to connect highly reputed certified tutors with opportunities in high education, scholarships and internships.

What am I allowed to use while I’m getting certified?
You are always allowed to use scratch paper and a device with a webcam to take the test and can use any other tools that are explicitly asked for on a unit test. For example, if a calculator, graphing calculator, or a z table are recommended on the unit test, you may use one as long as you explain what you are doing and it can clearly be seen on the Khan Academy test that that is recommended.

How it works

How does the tutor certification process work?
You will take a loom video of yourself thinking out loud while working through a Khan Academy unit test. This video will then be shared with two of your peers, who will verify that your explanations are thorough and that you have fully followed our protocols. Once your video has been approved, and you have also reviewed two of your peer’s videos, you will receive your certification.

What happens when peer reviewers flag a submission?
Flagged submissions are reviewed by a team of internal reviewers, who investigate the claims made by peer reviewers. If the peer reviewer’s concern is validated, the student will be informed of their violation and asked to resubmit. Cases of dispute or recurring violation will be escalated to our review panel, consisting of experienced educators and high achieving students. This panel will determine the appropriate action, which may include a live audit to assess the student’s reported mastery in the topic.

How long will it take to find out if I’m certified or not?
You should hear back about your assigned peer review within 48 hours of submissions. Once you have completed your review, you can expect your certification to be verified within two weeks.

What if I don’t earn 90%––can I try again?
Absolutely. We encourage you to review the content and then try again, as many times as you need.

Cheating & fairness

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What steps are taken to avoid implicit bias in assessment?
The actual grading is done by Khan Academy’s website; peer reviews only verify that students followed protocol by following a narrow checklist of requirements. Additionally, peer reviewers who flag submissions without reasonable cause will be investigated and potentially removed from the system.

How are students prevented from cheating?
All students record themselves with screen-sharing and camera on, following protocols that minimize opportunities for cheating. They must explain each problem they solve thoroughly for the recording, which aids us in validating that they are doing the work. Peer reviewers look for suspicious behavior and flag any indication of policy violations. Finally, videos may be subject to further analysis at any time if our board or an inquiring institution has reason to suspect cheating.

How does schoolhouse.world verify student’s identity?
While students abide by an honor statement, their transcript also links to their submission videos so universities can verify identity if they suspect violation of our honor statement.

What happens if a student cheats?
Students who cheat will be blacklisted and their certifications will be rendered invalid.

Can I peer review my friends?
To avoid bias, peer reviews are randomly assigned to students all over the world.


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Why do I need to share my date of birth and school?
Sharing this information allows colleges to match your certification with the application you submitted to their system.

How will my privacy be maintained if other students are reviewing my submission?
You are given a 5-character ID to identify yourself with instead of your full name, so peer reviewers cannot look you up.


What do I do if Loom is banned in my country?
and we will do what we can to help you find an alternative.

What do I do if my Loom account will only let me record for five minutes?
Sign up for a free Loom upgrade
. It may take up to 48 hours to take effect.

What if I have a disability that prevents me from following one or more of the certification guidelines?
and explain your disability, and we will help you find a workaround. Documentation of your disability may be required.
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