About is an initiative to give students access to quality supplemental help in the topics they’re interested in through free group tutoring sessions on Zoom.

Our Mission

We aim to connect the world through learning.

Our Story

Amid COVID-19, the ability to get personalized help and dig deep into problems has been the central struggle faced by teachers, parents and students during at-home schooling. This sense of urgency prompted Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, to find a solution by partnering with his college friend, Shishir Mehrotra, cofounder and CEO of Coda. They pulled in Mariah Olson to lead the effort and together, they created

began as a closed pilot program with Long Beach Unified School District, with a focus on high school math. LBUSD has long been a champion of bringing the classroom to the modern age, adopting new tools to help students learn more efficiently. After a successful pilot program, they expanded to create the public
, which is open to all students who need help. Tutors have volunteered from all over the world; high school students, teachers, professionals, and PhDs alike. Over the summer, this diverse team of volunteers taught over 800 math sessions while working to develop effective systems to vet and train new tutors, monitor sessions, and get students the help they need. Going forward, the team hopes to expand to topics and grade levels beyond high school math, with the intention of creating a community where students from every background can receive quality support.

Want to help?

There are three ways you can help bring our vision to life:
Volunteer to lead
Anyone can apply to be a tutor
Sign up to join sessions
. We are always looking for students who are ready to actively participate and share their feedback. Sign up
Volunteer to join our implementation team
by emailing your cover letter, resume and availability to
, our project implementation lead. This team is for all volunteers who want to help with aspects of the project beyond tutoring–design, user testing, tutor training, outreach, and
, amongst others.

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