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SAT Bootcamp Tutor Curriculum

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Additional Resources

As you go through the SAT Bootcamps, you may find that you want to review additional resources or trainings. We have worked to compile all these types of resources in this document:

Schoolhouse Resources

Where is the Helpdesk FAQ?
See here for
Where can I review the MARS training?
The SAT MARS training can be reviewed on the page
Are there other Schoolhouse training modules I can use?
Yes, can be found here
We recommend trainings like “Asking Learners Questions To Check For Understanding”, “Helping Learners When They Make Mistakes”, “Building Relationships”, and “Integrating Technology”

SAT Resources

What if I want to see how Khan Academy teaches these topics to inform my own tutoring?
What if I want more SAT tips to give to my learners?
Here are more of KA’s
What if I can’t remember the format of the SAT test?
For more math detail, review the and
What if I don’t know the answer to a practice problem?
After your session, you can find the answer video in this and share it with your students!

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