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We believe that education holds the strongest potential in transforming any society. This is why advanced nations channel a sizeable amount of their annual budget towards ensuring that families have access to quality basic education for their kids.

The situation in Africa is different. More than 30% of African families send their kids to private k-12 schools because public schools are not great. These schools unlike their western counterparts are small businesses funded by private individuals. They are largely limited in resources and lack adequate support from the government.

Private schools have a unique business cycle. Their revenue and expense cycle are very different from a typical small business and because their banks do not account for this, the financial products and services offered to them are expensive, inaccessible, inefficient and usually not a good fit for their peculiarities.

This is why we built the Schoolable Pay. A
free business account
alongside all the tools that schools will require to run an efficient school business.

We are a
alumni and we are super excited by the company we have built so far. We believe that our people are our most important assets and we will continue to invest in building a great culture.

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