Guide for Schoolable Pay

This shows a record of all the staff in your school. To add an employee, follow these steps:
Click “Invite employee”
Type in the employee’s email address and the role they play in your school.
Click “Send invite”. An invite will be sent to the employee’s email, meanwhile, their profile will show on the employees dashboard
Go to the employee’s profile and click on the three dots by the right
Click “Edit”
Type in the employee’s full name and click “update”. The profile will be updated showing the employee’s full name, email address, phone number, role and the date the profile was created.
If an employee leaves your school, you can delete his or her profile by clicking the three dots by the right and clicking “Delete”.

Can I pay my staff through the App?
Sure, you can.

How do I upload employees to the app?
To upload employees, scroll down to “Your School” section and click on “Employees”. Click on “Invite employee” and fill in their email and role, and “Send invite”.
Want to print your doc?
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