Finals Syllabus

Echoes: Salvatore, To Build a Fire, The Chinese Statue, The Gorilla in the Guest Room, The Sound Machine.
Reverie: The Gift of India, Crossing the Bar, Desiderata, The Spider and the Fly, We are the Music Makers.
Tempest: ACT 1, and ACT 2.
Units and Measurements: complete chapter.
Dimentional Analysis: complete chapter.
Straight Lines: complete chapter solve more numericals. use ma’am’s notes for numericals and derivations.
Motion in a Plane: scaler, vector, their notations, their laws, etc. relative velocity, projectile motion. solve more numericals and derivations.
Newton’s Laws of Motion: many definitions, different laws. linear momentum, impulse. free body diagram, determination of acceleration. solve more numericals and derivations.
Friction: different theories, laws of limiting and kinetic friction. graph of frictional force, vs. applied force. motion of body along straight, upward, downward conditions. pulling and pushing, reduction of friction. solve more numericals and derivations.
Uniform Circular Motion: various definitions. relation between angular velocity and linear velocity. centripetal acceleration. centripetal force - definition and reasoning questions with examples. solve more numericals and definitions.
Work, Energy and Power: nature of work done - positive, negative or zero. work done by variable force. conservative vs. non-conservative force. different forms of energy and definitions. work energy theorem. different graphs, potential energy on ideal spring. freefall. power - unit, definitions, and dimentions. collision - defination and types (elastic in 1D, and inelastic in 2D). solve more numericals and derivations.
Centre of Mass: definition and derivation. centre of mass - n, q, particles derivation. centre of mass of uniform rod. motion of centre mass - reasonable questions. conservation of momentum. solve more numericals and derivations.
Moment of Inertia: torque. rigid body and its rotation. radius of gyration. theorems of parallel and perpendicular axis - important. MOI of certain regular bodies. kinetic energy of rotation. relation between angular momentum and MOI. comparison between translational and rotational motion. solve more numericals and derivations.
Gravitation: complete chapter. variation in acceleration due to ‘g’. variation in ‘g’ - graphs. all derivations. maximum height attained by projectile. solve more numericals and derivations.
Elasticity: complete chapter. stress, strain, hooke’s law. different modulus. rigidity. steel is more elastic than rubber. determination of young’s modulus. work done in stretching wire. solve more numericals and derivations.
Flow of Liquids: complete chapter. flow of liquids through pipe. bernaulli’s theorem - proof and application. solve more numericals and derivations.
Surface Tension: complete chapter. capillary. derivation of ascent formula. capillary rise, etc. excess pressure on concave side of spherical surfaces - liquid drop, air bubble, soap bubble. solve more numericals and derivations.
Heat Transfer: complete chapter. coefficient of thermal conductivity. method of determining k-value. solve more numericals and derivations.
Thermodynamics: all laws - zeroth, and after. sign convention for heat and work. dependence of work done on path change. solve more numericals and derivations.
Isothermal and Adiabatic Forces: complete chapter. work done in isothermal expansion. work done in adiabatic expansion. relation between molar specific heat. solve more numericals and derivations.
Heat Engine: complete chapter. carnot’s heat engine - very important - diagram, pv diagram. solve more numericals and derivations.
Gas: complete chapter. ideal gas equation and derivation. laws of kinetic theory. mean free path - no derivation. solve more numericals and derivations.
SHM: complete chapter. SHM as projection of UCM - and all the relating things. graphical representation of acceleration, velocity, and displacement in SHM. periodic time of simple pendulum. solve more numericals and derivations.
Waves: complete chapter. expression for displacement in wave motion. solve more numericals and derivations.
Superposition of Waves - I and II:complete chapters: interference of two waves, structure, destruction, max, and min. principle of superposition. equation of stationary waves. comparison between progressive and stationary waves. solve more numericals and derivations.
Vibrations in stretched Strings:complete chapters. definitions and derivations. law of vibrations in stretched strings. sonometer. solve more numericals and derivations.
Relations and Functions
Trigonometry: all formulae, prove that, etc.
Mathematical Induction
Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equations
Permutations and Combinations
Binomial Theorem
Sequence and Series
Straight Line
Central Tendency
Measures of Dispersion
Parabola - Ellipse - Hyperbola
Basic 3D Geometry
Mathematical Reasoning

Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Structure of Atom
Periodic Table
Different Bonding Hybridization, MOT, etc.
States of Matter (Gas Laws and numericals)
Redox Reactions
s-block Elements
Organic Chemistry

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