Understanding the Role of SAZ Oilfield Services in Well Completion

Well completion accessories and technology; remain as the primary offerings of SAZ Oilfield Services among the many others. The globally renowned OFC is known for its comprehensive portfolio of completion equipment backed by the latest technology for seamless execution of the process of good completion. Other than that, SAZ has expertise in , artificial lift, and the plug and abandonment process of the well. For this write-up, however, we are going to correlate the process of well completion concerning the different accessories that are available at SAZ Oilfield Services.
The Process of Well Completion
Well completion is a multi-step process conducted during the drilling and casing of the oil/ gas well. The process prepares the well for extraction and production, enabling it to generate hydrocarbons. The process aims to stimulate and optimize the oil and gas production of the well. It is also done to increase the lifespan of the well and to make maintenance easy.
The well completion process is completed with the help of production tubing, , mandrels, valves, and other downhole tools like , slickline tools, etc.
The process is segregated into four distinct phases:
Preparation of the Well
In this stage, the rig is prepped before initiating the drilling. It involves assembling of different elements like the fluids, sand, chemicals, blenders, pumps, etc. Besides that, in the prep stage, the well is flushed properly with water and acid to clean out all impurities that might disrupt the process.
Well Stimulation
This is also known as frac or hydraulic fracturing. During the process, a perforation gun is pumped down to make holes in the well casing so that it can interface with the rocks surrounding the area. It is followed by pumping a mixture of fluid and proppant like sand inside the well at very high pressure. The mixture then fracks or cracks the rocks surrounding the area, enabling the easy flow of oil and gas through the wellbore. In this stage, one might use and sand screens for sand management.
It involves removing the elements used during the fracking process to isolate the different phases, using a coiled tubing drill. During stimulation of the well, the plug is drilled through to isolate the various stages of fracking.
In this final stage, the well is finally put to production. It might involve soaking of the well to increase production or enhance the lifetime production of oil and gas.
If you want to source quality equipment and technology-powered accessories for your good completion operations then feel free to reach out to the experts at SAZ Oilfield Services. You can explore their range of offerings at their website, or book a consultation with the support team for a detailed impression of the company’s products and services. Whether you want a for your rig, an artificial lift system, or an compatible with your requirement SAZ is the one you want by your side, for reliability, affordability, and superior quality.

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