Plug And Abandonment Equipment To Carry Out P&A Operations Masterfully

Closing up a wellbore takes as much effort and technological assistance as starting the operations. Plug and abandonment processes have to be executed responsibly to ensure that it is safe to abandon a wellbore. Only quality equipment can help fruitfully accomplish the task. If you are in this line of work, it might be a good idea to acquire a fair share of knowledge about inventory that can help you with P&A operations. From to additional accessories, here are the latest equipment in the market you need to know about.
A). Bridge Plugs:
are tools and equipment that carry out lower-part isolation in a wellbore. Whether you are going for multi-zone isolation, multi-zone stimulation, temporary or permanent plug, and abandonment, these plug variants can be an asset to your firm:
HydraMS Mechanical Set and HydraWSWireline Set: Supporting easy conversion to cement retainers, these models are available in the casing sizes of 4½” to 13-3/8”. They have an anti-preset mechanism, and you can easily modify them from mechanical to wireless sets.
HydraHM Hydro-Mechanical Bridge Plug: This model is perfect for squeeze cementing and zonal isolation. With HydraHM plug in your inventory, you would not need any other wireline or mechanical setting equipment.
HydraWRWireline: This retrievable plug comes in 3.5” to 7” casing size. If you are going for temporary isolation or plugging, HydraWRWireline is the best option because it can be retrieved when needed.
B). Cement retainers:
Retainers are a vital part of plug and abandonment procedures. If you get a model from a leading equipment manufacturer, you get to take your pick from a range of stellar tools that support multiple squeeze-cementing processes. You can search for the following all-rounder models:
HydrusMS Mechanical and Wireless Retainers: Available in mechanical and wireless sets, these retainers allow you to examine the tubing before squeeze cementing for better results. The model is of cast iron and efficiently performs squeeze isolation from hydrostatic pressure. These can be used in a wide variety of downhole situations.
Along with your retainers and plugs, you can also choose additional tools as accessories to your chief equipment, which include Snap Latch Stinger Sub and Setting Tool, milling tools, and plug puckers.
Where should I get my P&A equipment from?
Always get your industrial inventory from service providers known for their high-grade products and reliability. Select a manufacturer specializing in oilfield equipment to get your hands on only hi-tech models. You also need to ensure that you get cost-effective solutions. If you are in a line of work that requires P&A equipment, look for a manufacturer who can also provide you with other necessary tools for oil and gas screens, inflow control devices, sand screens for sand management, downhole packers, and , etc. Purchasing all your inventory from one place saves time as well as money.
Conclusion: Who should you choose?
If P&A operations or other related oilfield assignments are coming your way, you should contact the leading provider of well-completion technologies. Choose an oilfield services firm that can offer you advanced tools for the following services:
Plug and abandonment
Sand management
Artificial lift and well-completions
Knowledge Management Systems
From gas lift valves to and other , every piece of equipment you own must be stellar. Make sure you are engaging with a brand that is as best as it gets. Do your research, make a good choice, and soon, you will be saying hello to a quality inventory.
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