SAZ Oilfield Services Bestsellers in Well Completion Accessories & More

The Oilfield Services Companies offer substantial support and assistance to the oil and gas rigs and the energy industry overall. In 2019, the global market share for oilfield services was estimated at $267.82 billion, with a projection of that reaching $346.45 billion by 2027 with a 6.6% CAGR. That’s some staggering data that attests to the importance and relevance of OFS companies like SAZ Oilfield Services, which is one of the leading names in the industry worldwide. The company is an OFS, is involved in an array of operations related to oil and gas rigs, along with providing equipment and technical support to the top energy industry players. Their portfolio comprises of:
Sand management services.
Artificial lift systems.
Knowledge management system.
Plug and abandonment equipment.
Let’s explore further into the various kind of accessories offered by SAZ Oilfield Services, to be more precise, their absolute bestsellers in equipment.
Well Completion Accessories
Well completion is the process of turning a freshly drilled well into an operational one that produces oil and gas. It is an extensive process that ensures the seamless production of natural resources, while maintaining the safety protocols. Well completion involves casing, cementing, perforation, gravel packing, and finally the installation of the production tree. Each process requires equipment that offers precision in the completion process. SAZ Oilfield Services is known for its high-quality and advanced equipment for well completions, which comprises of:
Downhole Packers – cased hole. The mechanical, seal bore, hydraulic, dual packers, external casing, and swell packers.
Other completion accessories - expansion joints, landing nipples, chemical injection mandrel, slickline joints, sliding sleeves, along with a range of .

Artificial Lift System
An artificial lift is inserted inside the reservoir. It increases the inside pressure, pushing the oil or gas to the surface for easy extraction. One can either use a pumping system or a gas lift valve for an to produce oil and gas systematically. SAZ Oilfield Services has three variants or rather ranges in valves and mandrels for a lift system, which are:
· Orion
· Sirius
· Ursa
Along with these the company also offers other accessories related to artificial lift system such as pulling tool, running tool, kickover tool, wireline retrievable latches, check and dummy valves, etc.
Oil and Gas Screen
The falls under the sand management services offered by SAZ Oilfield Services. It comprises of an entire range of sand management equipment that checks and controls the sand flow to avoid any glitch in the production. The SazPrime premium quality mesh oil and gas screen is a one-of-a-kind design that implements multiple layers of woven mesh being diffused bonded together to ensure an augmented filtration.
There is also the SazPro which is a wire wrap screen range that allows compression, torque, and tension ratings with high open flow options. Other significant sand management accessories include gravel pack tools, , and inflow control devices (ICD).
has a complete portfolio of completion tools and other accessories, which have been leveraged by oils and gas companies all over the world for enhanced and safe production.
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