SAZ Oilfield Services’ Accessories for Well Completion and Plug & Abandonment

Anyone well acquainted with the oil and natural gas industry would acknowledge the role and responsibility of the supporting enterprises, especially the oilfield services companies. Once considered as a micro contributor to the energy sector, oilfield services have created their very own niche, with a separate identity of relevance with a global market turnover of $267.82 billion (2019) with a projected growth of 6.6% CAGR surpassing $346.45 billion by 2027. The industry’s market prominence has constantly grown, owing to the offerings of top OFS companies like the SAZ Oilfield Services. The services and offerings of SAZ Oilfield Services are distributed across five major areas of oil and gas production, which are:
Well completion
Sand management solutions
Plug and abandonment process
Knowledge management system

For this article, we have chosen two very integral functions in the oil and natural gas industry; well completion and plug and abandonment process. In that context, we will highlight the role played by SAZ Oilfield Services, along with their offering about the same.
Well Completion
After the well has been drilled, it has to prepare for production. Consecutively, it is cased, cemented, perforated, followed by gravel and packing and then ultimately, the production tree is installed within the well to extract the natural resources. All these steps in well completion require a series of equipment, also known as completion accessories. SAZ Oilfield Services has an extensive inventory of quality completion accessories sourced from credible OEMs, which the company offers its global clientele.
Their expertise lies in the smooth integration of the equipment sourced from different OEMs into a unified system for oil and gas production. They ensure that every component from the wellhead to the sand face is functioning seamlessly without any glitch in the accessories and together streamline the operation. The list of well completion accessories offered by SAZ comprises:
Downhole packers for ;
Sliding sleeves;
External casing packers;
Slickline tools;
Landing nipples, and more.
All accessories are ISO certified and go through an extensive quality check before being offered to the clients.
What happens after a drilled well is past its prime of production? According to compliances set keeping environmental norms and general safety in mind, the drilled hole needs to be plugged with cement so that the trace elements do not seep into the soil or water bodies. This process is known as the plug and abandonment protocol that every oil and gas company has to abide by.
SAZ Oilfield Services offers a complete portfolio of equipment that helps in the seamless execution of the process. Their inventory comprises superior quality and in multiple variations such as the hydraulic set, mechanical set, and wireline set. Other accessories like milling tools, plunger lift, control unit, snap snatch setting tool, etc. are also available at SAZ.
If you are looking for ISO-certified equipment with high traction and functionality , gas lift mandrels for artificial lift systems or for sand management, SAZ Oilfield Services will live up to your expectation in quality and utility.

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