Sand Management VS Plug & Abandonment in Oil and Gas Production

From exploration and detection of an oil and gas producing site followed by production and finally the expiration of the well; it is an elaborate process that involves multiple critical operations.
Well completion
Knowledge management
Artificial lift system installation
Plug and abandonment
The execution of these operations is supported and assisted by the OFC or Oilfield Services Companies, such as the SAZ Oilfield Services. Their primary role is to collaborate with the gas and oil-producing companies with services, equipment, and ; it’s more like a behind-the-scenes job, but essential nevertheless.
For this write-up, we are going to differentiate between two crucial processes:
Sand management
Plug and abandonment
Sand Management Services: What it involves
The crude oil, post-extraction consists of different kinds of impurities, one of which is sand. It can contaminate the oil if not extracted using the proper protocol. Sand is usually the result of the various degradation effects encountered during extraction and oil recovery. Contributing factors can be:
· pumping pressure;
· Rate and level of particle consolidation;
· Viscosity level of the fluids in the well.
The sand present and accumulated within the natural reservoirs is lifted or pumped to the well surface followed by recovery of process fluids, hydrocarbons, and water. This is sand management, which controls the amount of sand produced through gas and oil production processes. Multiple accessories such as sand screens, oil and gas screen, and are utilized to execute the task.
The production of sand during gas and oil extraction can be damaging to the equipment and the overall process causing critical failure of the vital equipment and accessories. Hence, sand management services are quite crucial to the sustainability, efficiency, and enhanced productivity of the natural reservoir.
Plug and Abandonment Process: Why it is Important
Plug and abandonment is the process of closing up a well that has stopped production. This is a mandatory protocol for oil and gas companies to prevent environmental degradation through contamination of surrounding soil and water bodies. The wells are plugged using and other accessories and then it is sealed off and abandoned.
· The process commences by killing the production operation.
· The fluids get extracted out of the well and it gets replaced with drilling fluids.
· This is followed by the removal of the production tree.
· It gets replaced by the blowout preventer, via which the production tubing is removed.
· Then cement is pumped inside and placed on open perforations sealing off all productive layers.
· The last step involves cutting and removal of the top part of the cement formation.
· A cement plug is placed on the casing stub.
Orderly execution of all of these processes requires superior quality equipment and advanced tech support, both of which can be sourced at SAZ Oilfield services. The company has a comprehensive inventory of diverse accessories ranging from , and liner hangers to a complete modular screen plant and artificial lift system. You can reach out to the company for customization and other relevant information regarding well completion, sand management, and plug and abandonment accessories.
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