The Diverse Portfolio of Well Completion Accessories by SAZ Oilfield Services

People are well acquainted with oil and gas rigs, where all the action of extracting the natural energy sources takes place. But other industrial entities within the energy sector have a fundamental role to play as well, such as the oilfield services companies. These enterprises offer services and products such as , sand management tools, and likewise that help in oil and gas exploration and production, including other services concerning manufacturing and equipment maintenance.
SAZ Oilfield Services is one such oilfield services company that has a global repute for providing a plethora of good completion and other solutions and accessories with acknowledging industry acumen. In this article, we will walk the reader through all the cutting-edge and essential equipment offered by SAZ Oilfield Services, along with their relevance and application in oil production.
Sand Screens
are integral to the sand management process of oilfield services. These are used to control the inflow of oil, gas, and sand, which is another crucial aspect of oil and gas production. If the inflow of the sand is not checked, then it can disrupt the functioning of the drilling equipment, and sand screens are used to make it workable.
SAZ Oilfield Services offer premium grade sand screens for heavy as well as conventional and high rate gas applications. A combination of their sand screen and the On/Off Passive ICD Technology, offer flexibility for drawdown management in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. Their range of sand control screens includes premium screens, wire wrap screens, slotted liner, thru-tubing screens, pre-pack screens, along with .
Artificial Lift System
An artificial lift system is used in oil wells and gas rigs for increasing the pressure in the reservoir, encouraging the oil to surface for extraction. There are two categories of lift systems used, namely, gas lifts and pumping systems.
SAZ Oilfield Services offer all-inclusive artificial lift equipment and solutions to a diverse set of clients promising augmented production levels. Their Orion range of mandrels and conventional gas lift valves ensure cost-effective oil production solutions. The Sirius range of artificial lift system equipment comprises side pocket mandrels and wireline retrievable for deployment flexibility, including a complete portfolio of accessories such as dummy and check valves, latches, running and pulling tools, and kickover tools.
Cement retainers and bridge plugs
Both and cement retainers are important for the execution of the plug and abandonment process, which is conducted on matured oil and gas wells that have stopped production. These tools are used to fill and seal the good bore, as a risk management protocol.
SAZ Oilfield Services along with sand management and artificial lift systems, also offer premium industry grade equipment for plug and abandonment. Some notable mentions in that category will be mechanical and wireline set
, plug plucker, milling tools, control unit, snap latch stinger sub and setting tool, etc. Their range of bridge plugs includes both mechanical and wireline set, along with hydraulically actuated mechanical set and retrievable hydraulic set.
Other than the ones mentioned above, SAZ Oilfield Services is known to offer a complete portfolio and inventory of oilfield and well completion services, products, and solutions, to industry-specific clients with diverse needs. Browse through all their offerings, at the following the given
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