Gas Lift System: Know the Pros and Cons

In the energy market, oil and gas are among the major industries. The processes involved in the production of oil and gas are quite complex. That is why it requires several methods and equipment for smooth functioning.Artificial lift is a process to increase the fluid flow by artificial means. One such system is the gas lift system. This article will educate you on the pros and cons of the gas lift system. Let's take a look!
What is a Gas Lift?
Before you explore the pros and cons, it is important to know what the gas lift system actually is. Well, gas lift refers to an that involves the injection of external high-pressure gas into the well bore. The core aim is to lift the well fluid to the surface for further processing. The gas lift system consists of important components like gas lift valves and . It is one of the best methods in the industry for the effective handling of heavy solid residue and sand. It helps in limiting any kind of negative impact on the production process.
Benefits of Gas Lift
Now that you have a basic idea about gas lift, it is time to understand its benefits. Here are the most significant benefits you must know.
· Flexibility
The gas lift system is highly flexible to suit your purpose. With the use of the same equipment, a wide range of lift depths and volumes can be achieved. Switching to annular flow is also possible to allow the equipment to handle high volumes.
Low Operating Costs
The operating costs of any equipment will have a direct impact on your profitability. The good news is that the gas lift systems have a low operating cost. As a result, you will be able to save more on expenses and enjoy greater profits.
Easy Maintenance and Replacement
The gas lift system is also easy to maintain. There isn't any need for additional downhole equipment for effective maintenance. Moreover, as it has only a few moving parts, repairs are economical and quick. Also, the replacement of the gas lift valve proves to be quite inexpensive.
A central gas lift system can offer valuable service to several wells. It may also be used to operate an entire field. It makes well testing and control relatively easier. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the total capital cost.
Drawbacks of Gas Lift System
Despite so many benefits, there are some drawbacks of the gas lift system. The major drawbacks are listed below.
Requires Good Data
To build a good design, access to the data is vital. In case appropriate data is not available, operations are likely to continue with inefficient designs.
High Backpressure can be Serious
High backpressure can have negative impacts. It is likely to limit production in the gas lift.
Now that you know everything about the gas lift system, it is time to start using it. Whether you require gas lift systems or , make sure to choose a reliable company that offers genuine products and solutions.
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