Artificial Lift System: Its Importance in Operations Related to Oil & Gas Companies

The productivity and growth of an oil and gas company depend on the seamless production of the energy resources and streamlining of day-to-day operations on a rig. That part is aided and accelerated with the help of oilfield services companies. These companies occupy an important niche within the oil and gas sector, providing the enterprises with technical and equipment support. The one that is risen to the rank of a market leader in this domain is SAZ Oilfield Services with its complete portfolio or well completion equipment and OFC services. Their inventory comprises artificial lift systems, inflow control devices, , modular screen plants, , and lots more.
For this article, let’s shed some light on the mechanism and importance of artificial lift systems before you think of sourcing them from SAZ Oilfield Services.
What is an Artificial Lift System and what is its Function?
An is used to increase the pressure inside the reservoir enabling the oil to lift or move seamlessly to the surface or seamless extraction. In some reservoirs, where the natural pressure is weak, there is a need to install an artificial lift to facilitate and enhance production. The system stimulates the pressure causing the oil to move up. In some cases, initially, the pressure remains at optimum levels, but it tends to deplete as time goes by. That’s when the lift gets inserted inside.
An artificial lift system is made of multiple components, such as:
· Gas lift valves and mandrels;
· Dummy valves;
· Latches;
· Check valves;
· Pulling and running tools;
· Kickover tools, etc.
Artificial lifts come in different forms as well, such as:
· Plunger lift
· Gas lift
· Intermittent gas lift
· Sucker-rod pumping
· Jet hydraulic pumping
· Progressive cavity pumps
· Electrical submersible pumping
Some wells use a combination of pumps as per the nature and requirement of the particular production protocol.
Factor to Consider when Choosing an Artificial Lift System
The artificial lift system is an essential and complex apparatus and hence sourcing it requires certain considerations as well:
- The experience and reputation of the OFC you are sourcing the equipment from. It needs an expert operator as well.
- A comprehensive account of the installation of the system, along with confirmation of support available from the OFC.
- Determining the methods used to lift the oil to the surface and choosing the equipment accordingly.
- Evaluate the costs relating to installation, operation, production, etc. before choosing the kind of lift system that would suit your purpose.
All these are important factors that need your due diligence before getting an artificial lift system.
SAZ Oilfield Services has earned a status of reliability in the industry by offering superior quality well completion accessories like , mandrels, cased hole gravel pack, , etc. You can source a cutting-edge artificial lift system with an advanced mechanism that will increase your productivity guaranteed. Talk with their experts for more information on their range of products and other queries you might have.
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