The diagram below sets out a suggested end-to-end process for identifying and then mobilising support to vulnerable people within the community. This process does not set out prescriptive steps or actions (in other words this is not about training people on specific protocols or procedures). However, a key finding from the work is that a well-defined purpose and well-defined end-to-end process will probably help accelerate the process of data sharing and improve the ultimate objective in ensuring that support is mobilised quickly to those in greatest need. The ambition is that these pages may both provide an overall framework or process to support similar initiatives, as well as signposting to the key learning, some good practice documents and emerging that may be of value and help to Local Authorities and their partners.


The SAVVI Process by Andrew Humphreys

Andrew Humphreys, the SAVVI Coach presented the SAVVI project and outlines in detail the SAVVI Process in this recording.

The table below summarises the function or purpose of each step.
Where a
@Lead Organisation
sets out to find and support people with a particular vulnerability.
Where the
@Lead Organisation
builds a risk-index using data provided from various
@Source Organisations
@Responsible Organisations
have contact with people at risk to listen to their
and assess
@Delivery Organisations
provide support to address people’s
Where the
@Lead Organisation
provides a dashboard of key metrics.
Where the
@Lead Organisation
learns from the profile of people who did need assistance, to improve the approach to finding vulnerable people.
There are no rows in this table
It was notable through the research, that most Local Authorities who were interviewed tended to follow broadly similar processes, which aligned fairly neatly to the process that is described in the following pages. Against each step in the process, this SAVVI playbook sets out a
A broad definition of the step in the process and the related sub-steps
Key issues and challenges that were flagged in each stage
Any good practice tools or techniques that were identified
Any emerging data standards that may be of value - either for national or local adoption.

The SAVVI Process: An Overview

On 4th November 2021, Paul Davidson gives an overview of the products, and two councils that have worked with SAVVI. Watch the video below to learn more.

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