group coaching program for independent professionals.

what’s it for?

income projects.

freelancers: skill building, portfolio building, network building
bootstrappers: shipping business projects (finite), brainstorming business ideas.

vocation projects.

writing. music. dance. art.
practices: skill building. 1000 true fans.

why the coaching program:


who’s it for?

this is not for everyone.
this is for professionals who are done running in circles, who are done fooling themselves.
this is intense. this is about turning pro. not saying that you want to turn pro. but to actually turn pro.
this is about engaging with possibility. this is about changing the status quo. this is about becoming your best self.
removing emotions from money and taking action.
separating our art/vocation from our income. making space for both.
not living in a bubble.
shipping. shipping more. shipping imperfect.
creating the conditions for each of us to turn pro.
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