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Your all-in-one guide to interview preparation for Quantitative Research & Trading
Sarthak Behl
If you’re here, you may have heard about a career path that has taken the world by storm - Quantitative Research & Trading! Notoriously difficult and with a high barrier to entry, the field has remained elusive for so many students across the country who wish to combine their mathematical aptitude, coding prowess, and mental muscles for their ideal career.
This doc exists to serve as a central hub for ALL of your interview needs - everything from dice & expected value questions to a guide on options trading. I hope you will use it well :)

Do this first:

Make a copy of this doc
Copy this doc
Note all of the trading firms & hedge funds you want to apply to
Write down what their requirements are and what they are looking for
Look at the categories in this doc and create a calendar for interview prep
Where to find what you need.
Mental Math, Brain Teasers, Probability
Equities, Futures, Options, Bonds
Questions to Answer & Ask
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What is this doc, anyway?

Quant Research & Trading Interview Pre’s single source of truth: Everything you need to know about interview prep and what you need to do is detailed here.
Your personal space: Make yourself at home, and make your page what you need it to be.

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