Mycology Research Project

citizen science mycology to help fungi save the world
It’s All About Fungi - Invitation to the Mycology Research Project video by mycologist Dr. Sandra Tuszynska

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Fungi play critical roles in the functioning of healthy ecosystems, driving nutrient cycling, providing food for a variety of wildlife, maintaining the health of plants and storing carbon in soils. However fungi are one of the least studied groups of organisms in Australia. The Mycology Research Project aims to train citizen scientists to study, research and contribute data on Queensland fungi; to raise awareness about the benefits of mycology (the studying of fungi); and make this science easily accessible to the Queensland community.
The goals of this citizen science project is to to study Queensland fungi: to help identify and describe new species, work with fungi to restore damaged landscapes and improve soils, to help fungi sequester atmospheric carbon into soils, and to isolate root symbiotic fungi to encourage plant growth.
The Mycology Research Project is proudly supported by the Queensland Government—Queensland Citizen Science Grants
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