OmniHarmonic Ventures - A Samara Sanctuary Studio

OmniHarmonic Ventures applies a multidimensional, multicapital approach to investing in high-impact, heart-source ventures of healing, regeneration, and cultural and economic evolution.
We facilitate the flow of diverse forms of capital (financial, social, wisdom, informational, spiritual, natural, technological, etc.) between investors, partners, and founders to unlock transformational venture impact and investor returns via evolutionary private equity and venture capital structures.
We form relationships of deep trust, transparency, and fierce unconditional love to support founders in building from their unique expressions of love-in-action.
We nurture investment designs and ventures that are increasingly:
Omni-Win: From the personal relationship scale to the global scale, we relentlessly strive for win-win-win… solutions. We practice anti-rivalry by seeking synergy and collaboration through transparency and trust. We maximize choice space by inquiring endlessly into what is truly needed, wanted, and possible for all involved. Through iterative integrity, we acknowledge and internalize negative externalities.
Omni-Harmonic: When we embody our divine interbeingness and wholeness, dualistic notions of winning or losing dissolve. From this place, we can attune ourselves to receive and offer more diverse, complex, and powerful energetic exchanges that express our exquisite evolutionary beauty – the same way a flower simply expresses its beauty in harmony with all the energies (sun, elements, nutrients, pollinators, predators) it exchanges with, free from all notions of winning, losing, or separateness.
Regenerative by Nature: We embrace cycles of growth, maturity, death, and rebirth. We honor the seasons. We choose to create prolific abundance of wealth and resilience in healthy ecosystems rather than the fragility of cancerous exponential growth of isolated antagonistic entities. We believe predicting and controlling nature is futile. We prefer to listen and dance.

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