AThis Manual is a lamplight for all of you wonderful humans who feel called to purpose, play, and practice with us. Deeply inspired by other manuals of we and me, our intention is to shed light on how we hold a frequency of trust on our practice-led transformative journeys of regenerative listening, leading, and learning.
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‘We in Trust’ are
prototyping, practicing, and evolving harmonious social, economic, and governance systems that may be naturally selected for in humanity’s search for viable systems capable of serving all life and transforming our age of ecological, existential and civilizational crisis.
We are deeply caring and loving humans from all walks of life, and from all over the world. We were born between 1958 and 1995. We are the first 7 members in Samara Trust.
In 2021 we were a group of strangers - climate activists, permaculturists, coders, healers, artists, and a shaman - meeting online in the to learn right ways of organizing ourselves to serve the regeneration of Earth.
We are dancing at the intersection of earth regeneration, cultural deconditioning and societal deviolencing, individual and collective trauma healing, human development, spiritual expansion, syntropic economics, and web3.
In service of
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Things around us appear to be growing exponentially better and worse at the same time. Amongst all the noise and darkness, we listen to the silence and seek the light. In that space of light and silence we find beautiful opportunities to build deeply meaningful relationships and new language across our communities on the frontiers of economic, cultural, and societal evolution.
Endeavoring to move beyond the generator functions that currently drive the entropic extraction of humanity and our ecological basis of survival, we are exploring ways to embody new perceptions (data & data structures) and protocols for human sovereignty (operating system) capable of running economic exchange (software) that serves all life (syntropic wellness economy). These must be able to hold holonic integrity from the individual to the civilizational scale.
​​While we see that many of us already acknowledge the interconnection of all life on earth and in the universe, we experience that there is a difference between acknowledging and practicing living and relating in unity as interbeings.
Regenerative Listening, Leading, and Learning as Ecosystemic Facilitation
We asked “how can we share this value beyond ourselves, in service to our communities and the regeneration of Earth?” Upon reflection, we realized we had facilitated ourselves through a transformative journey, and that our greatest act of service may be to facilitate this same probability for individuals, communities, organizations, and entire ecosystems. Here, we stepped into our identity as .
Recognizing the proliferation of small islets of coherence (and discord) on the frontiers of conscious cultural and systems evolution, we see Ecosystemic Facilitation as the necessary invitation to practice embodying the generative, wholeness-coding principles of in our perspectives, products, and languages such that we develop an archipelago of greater dynamic harmony and optimization.
Ecosystemic Facilitation is the combined practice of regenerative listening, leading, and learning. It is a practice that requires committing to walk the inner journey, while being of service to the whole. That is why we invest in our training and practice intentionally.
We invest in our training.
We furthered our group’s harmonization and raised our bar for Right Thought, Speech, and Action by.
We worked to clear fears, traumas, and embody our unique blueprints through deep human development work with .
Since our first Learning Retreat in December 2021, we have been facilitating Listening Circles in Samara Trust and . We learned that Listening Circles can take many different forms. We experimented with Ethos Circles to listen deeply to the land, and with Response Circles to listen on all levels when answering questions that help us grow together; to step over a threshold. 🤝🏼
We practice intentionally.
As a founding member of the democratically enacted SEEDS Commons, we committed to facilitating the conversational space of this governing body mandated with ‘stewarding the health of the SEEDS Ecosystem’.
We committed our heart-based listening and facilitation to a regenerative community project in Guatemala that was bringing indigenous family farmers into economic and cultural empowerment, yet were having fears, miscommunication, and distrust on topics of power, authority, and value recognition disempower leaders inside the organization and fuel conflict.
We are holding space and practicing for , as they transcend their organization as a learning community and move into offering services in agency.
As a learning organization, we devote practice time for us as individuals and a collective to try out new facilitation tools, approaches, and exercises that we’re learning from our partners or inventing ourselves.

🙋🏼 By now you have read a whole load of words that might be new or different to you. In the section further below, we speak to our relationship with language and words. Also take a peak into the in our . This is where we share our perspectives on words we intentionally choose to use as well as our definitions of words that called on us for their creation.
Prosperity Pooling
The Samara Trust Prosperity Pool is our live experiment in facilitating a syntropic wellness economy, for ourselves and for all who choose to opt-in.
Visionary heART Sketch of a thriving ecosystem - Samara Prosperity Pool, Samara Trust, and the Samara Sanctuary Studios by Tyler Wakefield
Prosperity Pooling (we like it more as a verb than a noun) begins when a community combines an evolutionary learning journey around concepts of trust, value, and purpose with the allocation and reciprocal sharing of resources. We think of it as a ‘conversational space’ where we are confronted with our individual and cultural beliefs and biases that impact how we behave as economic agents. Blockchain-based accounting, token creation, governance, and data visualization support and inform this conversation by honoring and making more explicit the multiple forms of value being generated and exchanged in the pool.
As we are experimenting with tokenized accounting for contributions to the Prosperity Pool, we’re moving beyond the traditional ‘equity-like’ token of most DAOs and diversifying token use across financial, democratic, and social capital. For example, our ‘Liquid Trust’ token is designed to “acknowledge and measure flows of appreciation, recognition, valuation, trust etc. between contributors of Samara Prosperity Pool as means of evaluating health and wealth of social capital.” Its utility is not as a means of exchange for goods and services, but rather as an evolving data-backed insight into how trust is flowing between members and across our Prosperity Pool. In real-time, it matters more how much the tokens are moving and where, rather than how much any one person has accumulated.

📚 Read more about the origins of Prosperity Pools in this concept paper co-authored by Tyler, Justin, and Paulo: .
As we navigate this ocean of complexity, we feel called to practice new ways of working together that are beyond pyramidal control structures based on reductionistic perceptions of value, and that bring us and our entrepreneurial ethos together as equals to share leadership and decision-making. We build collaborative scaffolding that is flexible enough to shift swiftly, that is resilient enough to endure disruption, and that holds deep relational trust.
There is an increasing number of stories being told of organizations, communities, and networks focusing on doing this work together. Fewer stories exist where trust building is at the core of the work through recognizing individual and collective traumas, learning with and from our own shadows, and gently supporting one another in their growth. We can tell one of those stories.
Not knowing where we’d lead ourselves when we started off, we sincerely inquired into the nature of individual and transpersonal sovereignty, trust, and multi-capital value recognition in our work together. Inspired by the ‘Art of Contemplation’ from the Gene Keys community, we asked questions like:

These inquiries allowed us to see ourselves and each other with greater transparency, vulnerability, and appreciation. Compassionate dialogue and practice on these topics has allowed us to turn communication barriers into moments of celebration of the wealth that our diversity of language and perspective provides to our collective learning. Remember, we are a multicultural, multilingual, multigenerational team spanning 4 continents and birth years 1958 through 1995.
We’ve experienced that learning and healing alongside another builds trust. Seeing someone recognize and overcome something limiting in themselves such as cultural conditioning, bias, reductionism, or emotional triggers builds trust. Being seen by trustworthy eyes builds trust in oneself. Trust of self and others in community supports us to name our wants and needs for being truly well and prosperous with clarity and safety.
At this point in the journey, we’ve officially birthed the Samara Trust as the facilitating organization of the Samara Prosperity Pool, with 7 official members. Each member embodies their own regenerative or healing-focused entrepreneurial ethos with a commitment to create alongside and in collaboration with the whole Prosperity Pool.
We like to call this “Syntrepreneurship”, something we’re still working on defining, but for now we thinks of it as:
Trust Language Syntrepreneurship + heART All the Worlds by Alicia Beatriz Vedio.jpg
Syntrepreneurship walks hand in hand with sacred hospitality: Our home Samara Trust is always open for anyone longing for heart centered connections, true belonging, and a life in purpose and prosperity. This is where our learning becomes your learning.
Please , if you hear a calling deep inside your heart that gently says: ‘Yes, you are a Syntrepreneur!’
If you started at the top of this Manual of We in Trust and went through each section, you learned who we are, and what we are in service of. You also learned about Ecosystemic Facilitation and Syntrepreneurship. We invite you to step away, pause, seek silence - maybe in nature - and contemplate on what you have learned from your reading so far. What excites you? What causes your mind to spin because of too many question marks that you try to line up?
Time to pause and contemplate. 🧘🏼
Shared Contemplations 💞
What excites me the most, is ...
Pooling Prosperity from a place of abundance and love.
The question marks that I am trying to line up, are ...
how can I and my communities move to more practice-led learning?
Interwoven Love Story by Alicia in Samara Trust.jpg
Rhythms we dance to
Evolving our rhythms has always been a key practice of ours. It can be challenging coordinating calendars across multiple time zones in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. We sense, adjust, and learn what’s working best for each of us. While adjusting rhythms took much discourse and experimentation, we have come to a place where our rhythm is a stability point supporting us with grounded space for our work together.
When we embarked, back in August 2021, we gathered in 3 weekly spaces, which we named Sensing, Grounding, Reflecting. Our rhythms has evolved since then. Below are the collective rhythms we are currently dancing along. However, since birthing the Samara Trust, our collective rhythms are calling for a transformation; an unfolding process which we are holding with care and love. We follow a weekly rhythm for answering to the emergence, we align our ceremonies with the moon, and hold space for individual rhythms.
Weekly Gatherings
Ceremonial Moon Gatherings
Individual Rhythms
👇🏼 Add the Samara Calendar to your Google Calendar, and please come and dance with us.
Communities close to our heart
By now you would have read that our collective journey took off in Samara, in the SEEDS Ecosystem. Some of us met first in other communities that are very close to our heart: and . We also dance with our friends in
, & , and the . Other communities we hold close in our heart are , and .
You might ask why these communities. Well, this is where we find the other Ecstatic Learners, who are exploring the frontiers of economic, cultural, and societal evolution and regenerating the Earth. We share a deep commitment to learning, and sharing from our learning in service of the whole. Each community holds truly beautiful gifts for our collective efforts to further earth regeneration, cultural deconditioning and societal deviolencing, individual and collective trauma healing, human development, spiritual expansion, syntropic economics, and web3. 🤝🏼
Our language
It’s true many words we use are new or different, even to us. We hear this all the time. Words are powerful and beautiful. Each word carries a certain frequency - high or low - not good or bad. There is beauty in both high and low frequency, since there is always something to learn. With a mindset of ‘everything belongs’ we can look beyond the perceived binary of good or bad. This mindset opens an inner space of greater awareness, perspective taking, and an objective receiving of words. It allows us to look into the cracks, and be in the liminal space together. However, staying in low frequency for too long without conscious practicing can have an entropic impact on our bodies. We have come to a shared understanding that the language we utilize is key to embodying a higher frequency. Through the practice of consciously choosing words, we bring a syntropic language into existence that elevates, and is in service of harmony that weaves hyper-local, and global-social into a celestial web of light. ✨

See our for definitions and word references.
Interwoven Love Story by Alicia in Samara Trust.jpg
We are Acknowledging
We acknowledge the universe and the infinite abundance of beauty and truth that holds all life.
We acknowledge Mother Earth and the daily services that her ecosystems provide us.
We acknowledge the First Nations people of the lands and waterways from where we gather as well as their Elders past, present & future.
We acknowledge the many paths of migration and wisdom traditions that enrich our global community through culture, trade and stories.
🗺️ Visit to learn more about the ancestors of the lands and waterways where you live, work, and play.
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