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Journal Entry #04: Staying with Source Idea

Circle Logbook
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🧘 Anchoring is silence
🌚 Dancing with the moon
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Hi AJ,
I hope this message of love and appreciation from my honest heart voice receives you well. I’ve spent the past week in my moon time cave, honoring my feminine cycle by listening deeply to my inner realms. A sacred practice I started ten months ago, which is now essential to my being: My moon time is an invaluable gift for me to pause and be. Once a month, when I am menstruating, I seek this incredibly nurturing space of silence and aloneness. In this spaciousness, quite a few epiphanies of ground-shifting magnitude arrived for me. These 4-7 days in my moon time cave each month help me to stay in flow and be more resilient.
So, in my inner and outer realm adventures, I’ve been going deep to that sweet spot called source to do nothing more than sit, listen, and receive. 🧘
Adventuring the inner realms
I am learning to love BEING.
Grandmother Moon has the power to govern the tides and oceans and me by gently inviting me into the practice of pausing and observing. Thanks to surrendering to her, I have expanded my capacities to explore and discern resonance, to be patient with myself, others, and the unfolding. I am dancing on the edge of what is next, and I am here to manifest a new way of being.
Core to all that I have learned from experience is that my well-being wilts in monotone consistency. I need to move more fluidly. There is a difference between having practices, a rhythm, rituals, and monotone consistency: Think of having a morning routine that is nourishing or a 9 to 5 job where you perform the same thing day in and out. Can you feel this difference?
As a highly intuitive woman, I need to be in tune with my energetic cycle to experience being at ease and enjoying flow. I have learned and continue to learn to attune to my feminine cycle. I cannot explain any of it through a biological or chemical lens, yet I can write about how I experience the flow of my energy:
Adventuring Syntropy with Kath - Energy Flow of my Feminine Cycle.png
❄️ Winter
During the so-called menstrual phase (which I just came out of), my physical energy is slowing down, and my intuitive awareness is rising. I seek silence in my cave, listening to the many voices I hold inside me. I reflect and assess to see what is here and is calling for my energy.

The ovulatory phase is just a few days where I can feel the abundance of life in every cell in my body. My well of good energy is overflowing with love, compassion, and pure happiness.
🌱 Spring
The follicular phase is where I can feel a rise in my energy. I reach out to engage more actively again and try navigating multiple dimensions of complexity to understand how I can generate and manifest to be of highest service while flowing with ease.

🤎 Fall
The luteal phase is the longest. Also called the growth phase. Yes, this is when I learn the most easeful, sleep the best, and remember more than I usually do.
Allowing myself to step into this experiment toward embodying the four phases of my cycle has been an absolute game changer. I feel utterly privileged that I can even follow this sacred practice.
I need to admit there is a tint of rage in my belly that this shouldn’t be at all a privilege. Every menstruating human being should be able to follow their natural rhythm. I am deeply grateful for the wholehearted openness, acceptance, and support I’ve been receiving.
Some have asked what it gives me. Most of what I am receiving is challenging to put in words: It is more an embodiment of who I am and how I show up to the many relationships in life. However, I can name that I have built a new compassionate relationship with myself and my intuitive voice(s). I have found new self-trust and self-love.
AJ, you might remember I carry loads of manifesting energy inside me. I love to be part of creating beauty in every dimension you can imagine. Following the moon rhythm allows me to experience a special kind of wealth: I can breathe and move between layers of conscious awareness while pacing myself in ebb and flow. I have learned to do less and be more while wholeheartedly cherishing my time alone. I observe where wisdom wants to emerge and where I feel called to dream things into being.
Most importantly, honoring my moon time has opened my heart to receive my inner voice. Yes, I am here! I am listening, and I love you dearly. 🥲
Adventuring the outer realms
Underneath the surface of pausing and listening inwardly, I am expanding outwardly. It feels like stepping into an ancient yet new story while moving far beyond the known. There is an awareness being activated inside me that I wish will create a new narrative in honor of all life in as many hearts as possible. If you ask me to suggest where this awareness comes from, I would say my core, my source.
PlanetHive - Arrival of the source idea.png
In the , I have learned that a Source Idea can take time to arrive. Yes, this is true for my experience with PlanetHive, which first appeared in 2020 as a Climate Action Workspace, a collaboration space rooted in trust. A year later, PlanetHive evolved into The Home of Earth Influencers. Imagine brand-, nano-, or micro-influencers, and instead of selling something to someone, we are creating and telling love stories for Mother Earth. Then a few months later, Syntropic Storytelling moved in, and she is calling to be a new paradigm job, or what future generations might call an archetype practice.
PlanetHive = Workspace + Earth Influencers + Syntropic Storytelling
PlanetHive is a space connecting Earth Regenerators and Earth Influencers. PlanetHive is the workspace where love stories for All Life are born. 💚
I need to admit, I never asked why PlanetHive wanted to be a hive. 🙈
When deeply contemplating the first arrival of the source idea these past couple of weeks, one of the questions I inquired into was about its texture. I remembered how I was raving to my dear friend Alex about honey bees and honeycombs and how their way of organizing and working is so utterly inspiring and freaking invaluable to life.
Most of all, I remember how honeycombs, Honigwaben in German, hold the shape of a hexagon perfectly. Little did I know back then about Buckminster Fuller, 12 Degrees of Freedom, the Jitterbug, or anything about the importance of geometry. ♾️
With every question I ask and the deeper I go, I gain more clarity to the broader vision of what I am here to manifest. Again it seems that I am going inwards to go outwards.
What does it mean to be the birthplace of love stories for Mother Earth?
What does it mean to be a workspace when no one ever will be employed with PlanetHive?
What syntropic business models can support all this?
I am not holding any answers to these questions. However, they lead me to the most exciting and terrifying question thus far:
How can Marketing be in Service of All Life?
What comes up first with this huge untamed question is the sensation of sadness about Marketing itself and how the ancient practice of storytelling has been reduced and abused for too long in this fast-paced attention-seeking society. Even though I consider myself a seasoned marketing professional, I needed a gentle reminder of how it was once about building meaningful relationships for transmitting wisdom.
The follow-on questions I asked myself might be too honest and raw for you, AJ. So, please excuse my language:
Has marketing turned the beautiful magic of storytelling into a prostitute of profit?
What is someone’s true intention for telling a story? Is it selling? Selling what, why, and to whom?
What is the difference between telling and selling?
When was the last time you shared or received a story that came from the purity of the heart?
There is probably more. However, I am stopping now. If you feel challenged by my provoking inquiries, I ask you wholeheartedly to look inwards and listen with radical tenderness. If guilt or shame is coming up for you, I know how that feels. AJ, all I can say is: It is an old story, and I hope you can let it go before 2022 draws to an end.
With love from a fiery heart! ❤️‍🔥
Aroha mai. Aroha atu.
Love giving. Love receiving.
Kath 🐝
HeArted on the lands of Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika in Aotearoa New Zealand. I wish to acknowledge them as tangata whenua, the people of the land.
🗺️ Visit to learn more about the ancestors of the lands and waterways where you live, work, and play.
heART: Frequency FreqVE 'Adventuring’ by and photo of geese family by via pexels

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