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Journal Entry #02: Purposing

Circle Logbook
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⚓ Anchoring in our breath
🧘🏼‍♀️ Contemplating evolutionary purpose
💃🏼 Dancing with interconnectedness

Gifts shared
The evolutionary purpose between and amongst the many diverse people groups of Mother Earth.
AI heART by Trentastic evolutionary purpose.jpg
heART by Trent Brown made with 💛 the assistance of AI

Oh dear AJ,
much has been alive in me since the last learning circle. I want to start by expressing my gratitude to Daya and Alicia, who joined my adventures. It is pure joy for me to explore and learn in togetherness. 👯💞
During the circle, we took on our first quest inquiring into evolutionary purpose for our heart ventures and/or ourselves. Our guiding prompts were:
Describe the evolutionary purpose. What am I working towards? What do I intend to do to get there?
Before responding to the prompt and diving deep into the evolutionary purpose for PlanetHive, I want to share what I have learned about it all so far.
The evolutionary purpose is greater than a purpose or mission statement as we know it from business-as-usual organizations. It goes way beyond maximizing profits, market shares, or staying in business by all means. An evolutionary purpose is something greater than any one of us.
In my heart, it is a burning flame. Once ignited and in service to the whole, it requires tender care, whether it is shy flickering light or wants to be a full-on bone fire. My responsibility is to stay in a relationship with the flame, listen and respond to its needs. I cannot predict or control it in any way. ❤️‍🔥
In my understanding, any living entity can have an evolutionary purpose. A living entity can be a person, a project, an enterprise, a group, or you, AJ.
The nature of an evolutionary purpose is aspirational; that is at least true for PlanetHive and me. I believe a shift in my consciousness triggered by the devastating fires in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil in 2019 was the cause for my flame to start burning again. Before that, I was somewhat oblivious to the exploitative force of Modernity and ignorant of the contributing role I was playing.
AJ, please don’t get me wrong. I have always tried to give back to the community in any way possible, either through volunteering or organizing donation rallies, sometimes beyond my own means. However, none of it ever felt like a true calling for me. It is different with my evolutionary purpose. It feels like a deep calling from within. At times it is big and overwhelming. In those moments, I remind myself to pause, breathe and acknowledge that all I can do is try wholeheartedly. And I need to remember that I am not walking alone on a right, true and beautiful pathway.

My evolutionary purpose
I am here to remind humanity that we need to restore our sacred bond with Mother Earth. And that our inherent connection with this beautiful planet we call home is one to be re-discovered, nurtured and lived.
Kath evolutionary purpose - Why I am here by Trent Brown and AI.jpg
heART by Trent Brown made with 💛 and the assistance of AI

Have I shared before that my evolutionary purpose was not always clearly visible? Even when PlanetHive as a source idea arrived, I had no freaking clue of what my calling was or that it was inside me all along. Neither did it land as a shiny parcel on my doorstep. It is more like Fia sings in her beautiful song :
There is a waterfall of wisdom at your fingertips
If you would only reach a little further in
Everything you're looking for
The pieces of your puzzle
All the love you seek, it is right there at your feet

The day after the learning circle, I went into my moontime cave. The moon called me early this month, as she does every now and then. It always feels disruptive when she either calls on me early or late. However, as soon as I can permit myself to surrender, I enjoy a deep peace in the gift of silence. 🌑
It is not a coincidence that my inner and outer realm adventures started with an invitation to enter the sphere of purpose. I am so intrigued by the liminal space between purpose and evolutionary purpose. I know they are not the same, yet I can feel a meaningful connection between them. However, I cannot find coherent words as of yet. I ask us-two to be patient, AJ. 🧘🏼‍♀️
Adventuring the outer realms
During the Learning Circle, I said PlanetHive is here to change the narrative of climate justice activism from fighting against the system to being champions of love for Mother Earth.
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And while this feels right, true, and beautiful, I cannot ignore this question lingering in my gut: Is this big enough? Considering an evolutionary purpose is something that might always be beyond reach. ✨
I had little choice but to take this inquiry with me into my moontime cave and let it wander as deep and wide as it wanted to.
What I collected during my quest in silence is: PlanetHive is where love stories for All Life are born.
Hmmm, I might be playing with the source idea already: Our quest for next week. Bunny was right when she said that following a linear process in this learning challenge is challenging. I take this as a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in isolation. ♾️
This detour helped me to take PlanetHive out of the climate justice activism field into another dimension. Somehow I feel it might have had a limiting effect on its evolutionary purpose. Who am I to say that PlanetHive only has the power to change the narrative of climate justice activism? 🙇🏼‍♀️
Is a narrative shift needed in the climate justice movement? Yes, I wholeheartedly believe so. I have experienced climate activism as a constant fight fueled by an entropic environment. 🖤
What is an entropic environment? For me, it is a hectic and noisy race where we limit our focus on WHAT; when we should slow down and go deeper into HOW and WHY. How can I meaningfully engage with others when activism speaks a narrative of fighting driven by stories of complaining, blaming, and shaming?
With PlanetHive's source idea in front of me, I was ready to look at the first quest again.
Describe the evolutionary purpose. What am I working towards? What do I intend to do to get there?
You should be able to describe your Evolutionary Purpose in a simple sentence or statement in such a way that people will immediately know what you and your enterprise are all about.
My explorations led me to this beautiful gift:
PlanetHive’s evolutionary purpose
A never-ending love story for All Life, pollinating across the planet, regenerating a contagious narrative honoring Mother Earth and Universe. 🌺🐝
Created and manifested as a heART gift by the amazing Trent with 💛 and the assistance of AI as an NFT on OpenSea

What do you think, AJ? Is it clear, precise, and unambiguous? Do you want to know more, like how, when, and with whom?
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Adventuring the inner realms
AJ, how much do you know about the , hosted by the Gene Keys community, beyond what I have shared so far? I have linked some resources throughout this entry, attempting to leave you some honey drops when curiosity might come and visit you. 🍯
According to the Purpose Gene Key in my birth chart -
.3 - I am an escape artist and adventurer embracing vanity on a journey of refinement, balancing soul and mind in an aspiration to seek purity from the heart. I know, right? So very true from where I am experiencing this life of mine. 😶‍🌫️🌈
Funnily enough, and yes, it sounds cliche! But there is absolutely nothing I can manifest in the outer realms to reach purity from the heart. I can only be wholeheartedly present and learning to embody the alignment between my values and my behaviors. 🧬
This interwoven spiral is where self-trust and self-love grow and live if I care for them with radical tenderness. A broken spiral of self-inquiry can lead into a field of illusion driven by a deep fear of separation and unworthiness and the belief that someone can take away my freedom. The belief story I told myself was most often why I escaped from many relationships in the past. It was too challenging for me at that moment to find any compassion in my heart. It was challenging to even find my heart, logged away behind layers of illusionary fog and shadows of conditioning. Emotions, mine or these of others, have been overwhelming for me ever since I can remember. I learned early to build a wall of protection around me to hide my insecurity and overwhelm, which I embodied through arrogance. I am grateful for my strength to dismantle the wall and the spaciousness my heart has received to open up more fully in all its beauty. 💗
Today, I am consciously learning what it means to be an adventurer without my wall of protection while walking and exploring pathways toward a future dear to so many hearts. It is humbling to me when others say they are inspired by how I dance and be(e). 🐝
What comes after inspiration? Adventuring on a pathway of curiosity, bravery, and unknowing that us-all will embark on and walk at our own pace. I only can try to be the best version of myself in all my relationships, and my heart will smile full of joy if that sparks something in someone. However, it is neither my right nor responsibility to kindle their flames. 🔥
I have become more sovereign in my energy by better discerning which emotions are my experience and those that are not mine to hold. I constantly ask myself: How does this make me feel? And where is this feeling coming from, my gut, my heart, or my head? Is it charged? Do I need to channel any emotions and thoughts through my heart before expressing my voice? By staying with this self-inquiry, I am more courageous to not escape from my relationships. Instead, I am committed to learning to see through my judgmental mind to embrace hidden emotional charges by accepting, forgiving, and loving myself to balance my overwhelm. For a born rebel like me, it feels like learning a new heART. 🏹
I have found a deeper, more profound level of self-trust and trust in life which keeps my inner peace and resilience in harmony. I am learning to understand that my open heart, fully anchored in self-trust and self-love, can never be hurt by anyone. It might sound like I flow in pure, free-from-pain waters. No AJ, that is not my reality. What is true is that my awareness and ability to discern between gut, heart, and head have evolved. I am better equipped to meet my shadows as friends, as an invitation to learn something. I give myself space for contemplation, self-inquiry, and simply being.
On that note, I am eager to say that honoring my moontime for many successive months has added a special kind of richness to my well-being. Perhaps it even had an accelerating precessional effect on opening my heart. I am slowly stepping into a deeper alignment with my natural rhythm. It brings a sense of effortlessness into my life. I deeply value the wealth I receive through this sacred practice. 🌑
I am grateful for you AJ. 🙏🏼
Aroha mai. Aroha atu.
Love giving. Love receiving.
Kath 💚
heART: Frequency FreqVE 'Adventuring’ by and photo of Toucan by
via unsplash
Written with heart on the lands of Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika in Aotearoa New Zealand. I wish to acknowledge them as tangata whenua, the people of the land.
🗺️ Visit to learn more about the ancestors of the lands and waterways where you live, work, and play.

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