Back Trust

We seek funding to be able to wholeheartedly continue to walk a right, true, and beautiful path together.
In order to pursue this risky work, we’ve held down extra jobs, odd jobs, and invested our personal savings into our work and each other. There’s been over $40,000 invested in Trust by its members and exchanged between members in the past 6 months, with further commitments from members to continue to invest financial capital in our collective development and prosperity.
💚 We seek funding to fortify our prosperity pooling.
Strengthening our capacity as ecosystemic facilitators (covering educational expenses for our team and those we’re welcoming into our service offering).
Supporting the financial needs - shelter, food, wellness, art supplies and others - of our members.
Invest financially through in the capacity building of the humans, projects, and networks collaborating towards the Syntropic Wellness Economy.
We aspire to build a sustainable model where anyone committed to this path can be paid to learn, as we know many who would love to devote themselves to working with us but cannot due to financial obligations and scarcity.
Producing publications from our learnings that can be shared widely in service to others walking alongside us.
💸 If you can, please support us financially.
While we actively explore multiple funding and revenue streams, we welcome any financial support with deep gratitude from our hearts via our seasonal Gitcoin Grants, our Open Collective page, and direct gifts. 🙏🏼
Gitcoin Grant
❣️ Grants Round 14 kicks off on Wednesday June 8th!
By donating to our grant until June 23rd, your donation will be matched with Gitcoin pool funding through quadratic funding.

Open Collective
🤹🏼 Work in Progress. Please bear with us while we are sensing into Fiscal Sponsorship opportunities.

Direct Gifts
Gifts of Ethereum (ETH) or other ERC-20 Tokens (any token on the Ethereum network like USDC, DAI, HEX, MAXI, HDRN) can be sent directly to address: 0x39B86c3a651E4Ce2e8F8de9074028973D7948567
To offer gifts in other forms (cash, venmo, paypal, bitcoin, or other forms) please email or reach out on Telegram!

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