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TestBox Marketing Automation integrations


TestBox Capture is a powerful tool that enables you to provide potential customers with an engaging test drive experience of your product across an array of marketing channels. With this experience, prospects can swiftly learn about your product, leading to the creation of top-quality leads for your marketing and sales teams. TestBox Capture can be leveraged on your website, email campaigns, online ads, etc.

How it works

When a prospect signs up to test your product on TestBox Capture, we collect their information, including their name and email address. To nurture and drive these leads through your sales funnel, we recommend that you automatically sync them into your Marketing Automation or CRM platform. To receive lead information, we currently work with your Marketing or RevOps contact to set up a custom workflow. Once we have the necessary information and permission from your team, TestBox will handle most of the engineering work.

To set up the automatic sync, we typically need the following information:
The Marketing Automation or CRM platform that the leads should be synced to (e.g. HubSpot, Marketo)
The fields in your platform that we should populate for each lead
The API token or alternative permission mechanism to provide us with appropriate access to create leads in your platform with their associated metadata
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