How Sam predicts inventory turnover for POPFLEX with Coda + Shopify
This is how I stay on top of inventory in our rapidly growing online store!
Sam Livits
I'm the Head of Strategy at
ー the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube led by certified fitness instructor, entrepreneur, creator of POP Pilates and best-selling author (and my wife 😄)

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Her format POP Pilates is now the official Pilates of all 24 Hour Fitness gyms nationwide. She's been featured on numerous national publications, in magazines, on shows such as Good Morning America & Dr. Oz and is currently named one of the Top 5 Health & Fitness Influencers in the World by Greatist. She is also the creator of PIIT28 and her activewear line,

When we started, we shipped POPFLEX out of our garage. Now, we sell
of products every day!

We use Shopify to track everything on our storefront

From launching new products, to managing orders and inventory ー it's our one stop shop (pun intended). However as our store has grown, so has the complexity of managing inventory levels, supplier relationships, and reorders. While Shopify is great for most elements of the store, it can be hard to flexibly determine when any given item is going to run out, and proactively let us know when we need to reorder.

💡 Enter Coda.

We've used Coda since early 2019 as a platform for engaging Cassey's growing audience ー turning our
into interactive Coda docs. We've also used Coda docs to run retreats for our instructors, photo shoots, and financials / budgeting. So when they released their
it was a no-brainer.

Here's how the doc works:
, including products, variants, and inventory.
You can quickly set up a connection with your Shopify store, and synchronize all your products, variants, and the current inventory levels using Packs.
This step brings in the lates order data that you can use to understand sales velocity by product. You can use the sync settings to change the date range we use to calculate this (defaults to past 30 days). This may be a few minutes to load, but once it's done, you'll be good to ready to...
This is the magic. With Coda's formulas and views, we're able to calculate, based on the synced order data, what the average daily sales look like. Add in your typical reorder period for each item, and you can then quickly see based on current inventory when you'll need to make the call to the supplier for reorder.

If you want to get really fancy, you can receive an
about items coming due in the next 60 days! Just add your email below:
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